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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Hotfix: Lucario and Garchomp Nerfed

Pokemon Unite Hotfix

It’s only been around a week since Pokemon Unite received balance updates. But even so, the developers rolled out some quick hotfixes in order to balance out some of the overly buffed pokemon. Lucario and Garchomp received nerfs, and Decidueye’s got some bug fixes. It’s not a huge update, but just some quick fixes to balance out some of their previous mistakes. Check out the twitter link below to see the official Pokemon Unite hotfix.

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Hotfix Analysis


It’s great that Pokemon Unite immediately fixed these mentioned pokemon. For one, Lucario’s interaction with Close Combat wasn’t balanced whatsoever. The damage dealt alongside healing made for insane utility, making the all-rounder broken in the meta once again. So many Master Rank games were littered with Lucarios running close combat, and just never dying while shredding through the enemy. Since the damage wasn’t touched, it should still be viable. Pokemon Unite clearly didn’t want to completely gut the pokemon.


This particular pokemon finally received some time in the spotlight. But unfortunately, Garchomp definitely overperformed, taking over games in rather unbalanced ways. Now that the pokemon scales faster into the game, and thereby diminishing its weakest point, Garchomp overwhelmed the meta after reaching its last or even second form. A nerf on dig isn’t the biggest. Very well warranted, but not enough to destroy the pick’s viability. So don’t worry Garchomp mains, the time to spam the pokemon continues onwards!

In Conclusion

The game fixed some Decidueye bugs. Nothing more to really say about that specific change. As a whole, the fact that Pokemon Unite developers work so rapidly to correct and organize over whelming picks is great for the game’s longevity. Clearly, the team is learning as they go, and are not afraid to acknowledge their own faults in game balance.

Often times, when it comes to MOBA balancing, a lot of developers tend to stand firmly by their changes, waiting weeks or even months before addressing issues. As shown from this hotfix, Pokemon Unite developers remain eager to improve the game, boding very well for the game’s long term evolution.

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