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The Philadelphia Fusion Add Heesu to their Roster

Philadelphia Fusion

The Philadelphia Fusion have signed former Runaway player Hee-Su “Heesu” Jeong.

With the addition of Heesu, the Philadelphia Fusion now have four DPS players ready to start next season, not counting Simon “snillo” Ekström, whose status remains unknown for next season. However, Heesu’s age makes him ineligible to play until March next year. Once he turns of age, Heesu will compete against Jae-hyeok “Carpe” Lee for a starting position due to their similar hero pools. Like Carpe, Heesu is an incredible hit-scan who’s talent on Widowmaker caught the eyes of many while playing at this year’s Gauntlet tournament. Heesu will make an excellent addition to the team, and fans are excited to see this young talent thrive next year.

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