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Overwatch: Ashe and Bob Now Have Their Own Spotify Playlists

ashe and bob spotify

For those who may not already be aware, Spotify user Ryan Patrick has crafted Spotify playlists tailored to each of the current Overwatch Heroes. Each playlist is made to capture the essence of the Hero and has a custom-made image designed for the cover art. These have become a unique way for many players to connect with their favorite heroes, both while playing the game and in their everyday life. A link to a Reddit thread containing information about each of the playlists can be found here.

Now that Ashe is officially live on Patch 1.30, the leader of the Deadlock Gang’s playlist has officially gone live as well. A link to her playlist can be found here. Patrick describes the Ashe playlist as the following:

“Working as a companion piece both McCree’s Southern folk rock and Bob’s western swing/ragtime, Ashe’s playlist hits harder and faster with modern blues and roots rock tracks that match her fiery red and lonesome blue disposition. Burn it all down with the Blues.”

This playlist can be a companion to McCree’s playlist as well as Bob’s. That’s right, everyone’s favorite robot sidekick got a playlist of his own. Bob’s playlist can be accessed here. Patrick describes Bob’s playlist, fittingly, as:

“Old time western swingin’ n’ ragtime cakewalkin’ til Bob’s gotta do somethin’.”


Ashe’s Playlist

ashe and bob spotify
Ashe’s cover art

The Ashe playlist features artists such as John Butler Trio, The Rolling Stones, Dorothy, and Seasick Steve, as well as several other artists in the same genre. Each track instills the feeling of being on a wild adventure through Creole country with a rag-tag crew, bound to cause trouble for whoever you may run into. Fitting, considering Ashe’s personality that we saw in her reveal video, “Reunion.”

The song “Devil Woman” by John Butler Trio is one of the quintessential songs in this playlist. The song tells the story of a commanding, fiery woman whom all men fear. You may try and fight her, but in the end, you’ll likely find yourself like the men in the song, crying, “Devil Woman, get the hell away from me!”

With her knockback abilities and use of dynamite, this song yields useful advice for Ashe’s foes in-game.

Bob’s Playlist

ashe and bob spotify
Bob’s cover art

Bob’s playlist is not nearly as intense as his commander’s, but it is a heck of a lot more fun. Featuring classic ragtime artists like Guy Clark, Taj Mahal and Roger Miller, this playlist has that same Creole feeling that we get in Ashe’s, but with a much more jovial tone. While one might expect Bob’s playlist to call us into action, it instead calls us to slow down, sit down with some friends and maybe play a little harmonica or some tuba.

Maybe Bob doesn’t want to do something today. Maybe he just wants to sip some diesel fuel (or some conventional motor oil, perhaps) and relax with his other Omnic friends. This playlist gives me the sense that Bob has been spending some time with Zenyatta and has begun to understand the value of taking it slow.

Forming a Connection

Whether you’re taking an adventure with your gang down Route 66 or sipping moonshine in the Hollywood cafe, there’s something for [nearly] every situation in these playlists. In reality, these playlists can add some theme/personality to your stream’s background music and/or help you connect with Bob and Ashe as you go through your day.

Whatever way you choose to use these playlists, we hope they give you a better connection to each of the characters and provide a wider range of music to your current library.


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