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Uprising Look to Sneak Into May Melee with Wins In Week 3

Boston May Melee Week

This is certainly not the spot the Uprising were looking to be one week away from the May Melee. After losses to both the Los Angeles Gladiators and the Dallas Fuel, the Uprising sit at a disappointing 0-2 record. The hype surrounding Boston died rather quickly as they were dispatched by the Gladiators without much of a fight. Despite a few good moments in maps 2 and 3, the Uprising fell to the Fuel in a similar fashion. Now just a week away from the monthly tournament, Boston must put on a much better showing against some stiff competition to have a shot at the bracket.

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Washington Justice (2-0)

Of all of the teams that upgrades this offseason, it was certainly the Justice who made the most aggressive moves to improve. After signing Decay late in the 2020 season, the Justice decided to completely revamp their roster to make sure they would be a title contender. Washington grabbed top-ranked rookies like Mag and Assassin to bring the fire power alongside Decay. Then they added some seasoned OWL vets like Ria, Closer, and Bebe to bring in that knowledge to help the new players develop. And most shockingly, the Justice signed former Boston Uprising standout Jerry.

With their brand new roster the Justice beat the Fuel and rolled over the Vancouver Titans. They sit in the driver’s seat for a great seed in the May Melee bracket. Boston will need to find a way to stop several threats at once to have a chance to even take a map off of Washington. Hopefully the Uprising find a little more impact from their promising young rookie Valentine this week, as last week he seemed a bit invisible at key moments in the match. The Uprising need to upset the Justice in this early season game to have a shot at making the May Melee tournament.

London Spitfire (0-2)

The London Spitfire find themselves in a very similar position as the Boston Uprising. They equally lost their first two matches, showing signs of life, but ultimately disappointing in their 2021 debut. The former British Hurricane roster looks to be struggling to adjust to the speed of Overwatch League play. Even with their surprising number of OWL veterans on the roster, it’s the new members to the league that aren’t quite showing off their stuff.

It feels almost forced to say, but this match is undoubtedly a “must-win” for this version of the Boston Uprising. For a new team, it’s incredible important to get a win early under their belts in order to create some form of confidence heading into a break. The Spitfire are a team struggling to find their rhythm, and they are surely viewing this game as a winnable matchup as well. If the Boston Uprising can get this win they are sure to look to continue their success after the May Melee.

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