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What is the Overwatch 2 Beta End Date?

The Overwatch 2 beta has arrived, and players are ready to take that next step into the latest Overwatch experience. On Tuesday April 26, the first batch of beta invites will go out to players who have pre-registered for the beta. For those who miss out on the initial wave of invites, there will be a second change to grab an entry by watching streams on Wednesday April 27. Almost everyone who wants to get into the beta should have access by the end of the first week.

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Players are sure to play non-stop as people have waited over two years for this game to be available to the public. With all the excitement surrounding the game, people forget that it is still just a PVP beta, and that there will eventually be an end to the beta. The Overwatch 2 beta end date will come quicker than some realize, so it’s best to know when access will be revoked. The Overwatch 2 beta end date is scheduled for May 17.

However, there is a chance that the proposed date could change. The initial beta FAQ mentioned that the date is subject to change based on testing needs. In theory, players could have more time with Overwatch 2. It is tough to know what testing needs there will be, but devoted players will be happy to know there’s a chance for more game time.

The Overwatch beta may be short lived, but it will be exciting. Fans can finally get a chance to play the new hero Sojourn. Enjoy the Overwatch 2 beta while it lasts.

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