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Overwatch 2

How to Earn an Overwatch 2 Beta Invite

Overwatch 2 Beta Invite

The announcements have been made. Streams showcasing the new game have been revelaed. Finally the time has come – Overwatch 2 is here. Fans of Overwatch have been waiting patiently for the sequel to arrive, and now on Tuesday April 26, players can get their hands on Overwatch 2. However, not everyone will get a Overwatch 2 beta invite right away.

According to an announcement on Monday April 25, there will be a rolling entry into Overwatch 2. Not everyone will get into the beta at the start. There will be select invites going out early in the day to kick off the Overwatch 2 beta, but most players will need to earn their Overwatch 2 Beta invite.

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For those who were there when VALORANT first went into beta, Riot Games set up Twitch drops for viewers to earn as they watched their favorite streamers play the latest FPS. Blizzard and the Overwatch team decided to take a page from Riot Games, and went with the same approach. Players can earn an Overwatch 2 beta invite by watching streams on Wednesday April 27.

Viewers will need to watch streams throughout the day until they receive a drop. Though after four hours of watching Overwatch 2, viewers will be guaranteed an invite to the exclusive beta. The complete list of streamers with Overwatch 2 drops can be seen here.

Players will have access to the newest hero, Sojourn, as well as a chance to play on a array of new maps. The Overwatch 2 beta will go through late May, and could continue on further if there are more items to test out on a larger scale.

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