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Sojourn Origin Story Revealed Before Overwatch 2 Beta Release

Sojourn Origin Story

After nearly three years, the Overwatch team revealed their first hero trailer and origin story for Sojourn. The Sojourn Origin Story was revealed just a few weeks for the Overwatch 2 PVP Beta is released. For those who get into the Beta, they will get a chance to play as Sojourn. She will be the first new hero added to the series since Echo. Here is the Sojourn Origin Story.

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Sojourn will be a DPS hero with a railgun and energy-type rifle that has 40 rounds in it according to what was previously shown. Her official kit is still not entirely known. That being said, she will certainly be bringing some much-needed variance to the game. Here is what was released on the Overwatch Twitter account.

According to her story, she was with Canadian special ops working with Soldier 76. Then once Overwatch was created, she was invited and became a vital member of the team. She was the one tasked with either leading the charge or leading the mission. Then according to this, she decided it was time for her to go, even before Overwatch ended. Now she is looking forward to her next step.

The interesting parts about Sojourn are that not only was she very much someone who was in charge, but she also left on her own. Where has she been all of this time now that Overwatch has been disbanded? Did she actually leave for another reason that she hasn’t revealed? Also, will she be coming back to help the newly formed second iteration of Overwatch?

All of this and more will be interesting to find out as the Overwatch 2 Story Mode comes out. Until then, fans will get to enjoy her in the Overwatch 2 PVP Beta.

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