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Would the Eagles be Super Bowl Contenders with Deshaun Watson?

Would the Eagles be Superbowl Contenders with Deshaun Watson?

As the offseason continues, there has been a lot of news and rumors swirling about the Eagles. The biggest rumor is that Deshaun Watson could be headed to Philly in the near future. In fact, some news sites such as FanNation says there’s a 90 percent chance Watson will get traded somewhere. So far, the Eagles are one of the big contenders to make a deal with the Texans to get Watson. Adam Shefter has said in the past that the Eagles would be Super Bowl contenders with Deshaun Watson.

Deshaun Watson as a quarterback

Watson has had a fantastic career so far with the Houston Texans. He has gone to the Pro Bowl his last three seasons in Houston. He is coming off a monster 2020 season. Watson totaled 4,823 passing yards, which was the best in the NFL in 2020. He also racked up 33 passing touchdowns, which is impressive in its own right. He took the Texans to the playoffs in 2018 and 2019.

Would the Eagles be Superbowl Contenders with Deshaun Watson?
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The Texans quarterback got his first playoff win in 2019 when he found a way to beat a good Bills team in a close 22-19 win. In his career, he has eight 4th quarter comebacks and 10 game winning drives. Watson has proven to be one of the elite quarterbacks in the NFL in recent seasons.

Weapons Watson has at his disposal in Philly

Right now, the front runner for the starting spot for quarterback position in Philly is Jalen Hurts. He had bright spots in the 2020 season and knocked a Super Bowl caliber team, the New Orleans Saints. The NFL world does not see the Eagles being very good with a young Jalen Hurts at the helm in 2021. Most think they will not make the playoffs in 2021. If the Eagles trade for Watson, then the story changes a little in Philadelphia. Watson is good enough to at least lead this Eagles team to the playoffs.

He has many weapons at his disposal. The first weapon he has is DeVonta Smith who won the Heisman trophy at Alabama in 2020. Smith has all the talent to produce big for the Eagles in 2021, but there is a big learning curve in the NFL compared to college. Miles Sanders is also another weapon Watson can use whether it’s on the ground or through the air. Sanders has been one of the standout running backs for the Eagles. Sanders racked up over 800 yards in 2019 and 2020. He also has nine career rushing touchdowns.

Would the Eagles be Superbowl Contenders with Deshaun Watson?
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Watson also has a good defense that can limit scoring in Philadelphia. The Eagles have Alex Singleton, who broke out during the 2020 season. He has 75 solo tackles with five of those being tackles for a loss. He also had two sacks. Derick Barnett has also been impressive in the defensive end in Philly. He produced a good amount of sacks, with 5.5 in 2020. The Eagles also just strengthened their defensive backfield as they signed Steven Nelson who will team up well with Darius Slay. If the Eagles don’t get Watson, the defense should have some really bright spots in the 2021 season.

Are the Eagles Super Bowl bound with Watson?

This is a tough thing to predict, because there are a lot of factors that make a team a Super Bowl contender. Sanders would have to go over the 1,000-yard threshold. Smith would also have to have a great year, as the rest of receivers are unreliable at times. Watson also will also have to have another Pro Bowl caliber year and find a way to win playoff games. If the Eagles look the same look as last season, then it’s unlikely Watson’s presence would take them to a Super Bowl. He would need help if the Eagles want to make another Super Bowl run. The odds are good for the Eagles getting Watson. The question is if the organization will go through with it and get the deal done.

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