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Dominaria United Announced for Fall 2022 Release Date

Dominaria United Announced

Earlier this week, Wizards of the Coast featured an hour long stream detailing their plans for the 2022 year. The showcase stream revealed the timeline of four brand new sets for standard. As players head into the second half of the year, they can expect to find themselves in a very familiar place. Magic is heading back to where it all started to tell even more stories about this incredible plane.

Welcome home Magic players. Welcome back to Dominaria.

Dominaria United Announced
Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast

Dominaria United is the third set schedule for the 2022 year. The second modern set based on the plane of Dominaria looks to explore the plane in a more peaceful setting. The set will go back to it’s roots and feature plenty of high-fantasy elements much like the previous Dominaria set released back in 2018. Players are guaranteed to see some familiar friends, and unfortunately some familiar foes.

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The other exciting part of the Dominaria United release date is that is lines up with the 30th anniversary of Magic: The Gathering. There isn’t a better way to celebrate the long and storied history of Magic quite like going back to where it all began. Dominaria United is the first half of a two-part celebration of the plane of Dominaria. While this set aims to tell more current stories of the plane, the following set will dive into one of the most pivotal stories in Magic’s history. Get ready Magic players, because Dominaria awaits your return.

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