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What Fans Want to See from Rogue in the LEC

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Coming into Week 5, there are five things fans want to see from Rogue that will indicate to me whether or not they will contend for a top 4 finish this split. Last week, Finn received his patented Aatrox in both games and played fantastic. There continues to be missteps from Inspired and the bot lane. Either of these could cost Rogue a shot at top 4. Taking a look ahead, here are some points of improvement to watch for.

Continued Early Game Aggression

Mentioned in the cast during the game versus SK, Inspired generally focuses on control and pacing within the jungle. However, in this game, Inspired on the Lee Sin seemed to be omnipresent. Inspired ganked every lane, with specific emphasis on punishing the Viktor pick coming in from SK. Top and bot lane also received some love as both got early visits from Inspired to get Rogue going early. This form leads to the belief that Rogue pounds on the door to the giants of Europe.

Faster Close outs

Hans Sama

Courtesy of LEC

To be touched on later, Rogue possesses fantastic game control and wave management. However, the team seems to lack that proverbial killer instinct to finish the game promptly on a consistent basis. The games tend to drag on unnecessarily long, allowing potential for the enemy team to come back. Better execution in the split push, and improved usage of baron buff is crucial to the continued growth of Rogue.


Improved Bot Lane performance

So far, Hans Sama and Vander impressed few viewers this split in terms of how the duo have performed. Both of them made crucial mistakes in multiple games that could cost Rogue victories down the road. On top of this, the laning stats against the top of Europe, not good. As a duo, Hans and Vander seem to be punishing the weaker bot lanes by gaining massive CS and laning advantages. Against the likes of G2 and FNATIC, though, the duo doesn’t get the same advantages. More improvements from these two consists of the final piece to the Rogue puzzle.

Continued Game Control

Courtesy of LEC Esports

Rogue seems to league the LEC in the hocus pocus stat called game control. It cannot be measured, its just a sense when watching of who controls the outcome to a game. The effectiveness of Rogue controlling side lanes, denying enemy jungle camps, controlling neutrals. All these little things lead to larger advantages for Rogue. Continuing to play to these small advantages possess extreme amounts of importance for what we want to see from Rogue going forward.



Allow Larssen and Finn to carry

The solo lanes continue to be the bright spots for this roster. Larssen continues to be one of the very best mid laners in Europe, while Finn seems to get solo kills every game. Both players are the key cogs within the Rogue machine. Getting them onto picks with carry potential should be one of the highest priorities in any draft phase. Enable the rest of the map to support these two and Rogue will not lose many games.


What fans want to see from Rogue, outlined above, can be referred to as keys to victory. These small things enable Rogue to pursue and close the gap on their ultimate goal: winning an LEC title. However, that road possesses numerous obstacles along the way. What any can be sure of, Rogue continues to improve. Watch out Europe, for Rogue is coming.


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