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Seraphine Joins K/DA for New EP Album

Seraphine Joins K/DA Album

The people have asked, and K/DA has answered. The popular music group will be featuring Seraphine, a twitter musician who gained popularity by covering K/DA’s “Pop Stars”,  on their latest album.

The collaboration between the two parties is something fans have been expecting for quite some time. After the release of “The Baddest”, K/DA announced a full EP album to be released sometime later this year. It is unclear how involved Seraphine will be in the rest of the album, but expect the new artist to be featured on a few tracks.

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The announcement also adds more weight to the theory Seraphine will be the newest champion to join League of Legends after Samira. Working with K/DA, it only makes sense players will soon be able to see Seraphine hit the Fields of Justice and battle alongside the rest of the musical group.

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Who is Seraphine? Is She the Next LoL Champion? September 4, 2020 at 1:56 pm

[…] Seraphine Joins K/DA for New EP Album […]

What is Seraphine's Release Date? September 12, 2020 at 10:03 am

[…] that Seraphine is connected to Riot Games and League of Legends in some way. She will be doing a guest appearance on the latest KDA album. This was something that many people thought would happen once the learned of the characters […]


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