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Is League of Legends Rem’Ora the New Jungler?

League of Legends Rem'Ora

Most fans who have been following any news around champions know that the next League of Legends champion will likely be the Void Jungler. That is just it though. Until recently, many have believed the name of this new champion to be unknown. Yet, has it possibly been under everyone’s noses for a while now? Is League of Legends Rem’Ora the new jungler?

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There are a lot of signs pointing to Rem’Ora being the next jungler. The most obvious one is the fact that she is in the Malzahar short story, “Meir of Malzahar”. She has her minions causing issues everywhere and apparently is making Rek’Sai upset. The 2022 opening cinematic shows something big is coming and something that is likely bigger than Rek’Sai which many questioned her involvement in the video. When combined with the Champion Update at the beginning of 2022, it is very easy to see that the Empress of the Void is named Rem’Ora and she is the one controlling the horde and Riot Games Developer.

The interesting thing to note is that this has happened before. In 2021 fans were lead to believe that Viego’s lost love, Isolde, would be coming back to life to right either with him or against him. Instead, it was her doll that turned out to be Gwen.

What is certainly known about Rem’Ora or whoever the new jungler will be is that they are likely coming soon. With more leaks on the way and Riot Games back on campus, fans should be constantly on the lookout.

If anyone wants a much deeper dive, Reddit user u/BearisKnight has most of the gathered information in their post.

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