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All MSI 2022 Teams (Updated)

MSI 2022 Teams

MSI 2022 is right around the corner and the first few teams have been locked in for the event. Due to the nature of the various leagues around the world, some end earlier than others. Take for example the LCK which ended on April 2, over a month before MSI 2022 starts. Before the event starts on May 10 though, fans should focus on the teams who have already made it. Here are all the MSI 2022 Teams.

Note: This will continue to be updated as teams win their respective leagues.


  • Top: Zeus
  • Jungle: Oner
  • Mid: Faker
  • ADC: Gumayusi
  • Support: Keria

T1 closed out the perfect season by beating out Gen.G for the first time when their full rosters played. Despite some shaky performances in the finals and throughout the split, T1 has this aura of immortality. They always seem to find a way back in a game when they frankly have no right to. This tenacious nature is the scariest part of T1. They are never out of the game. T1 are probably going to be the tournament favorite, especially due to it being in their home country. They have every right to be the front-runner. T1 are insanely good and there’s a reason no other LCK team could repeatedly stand up to them. 18-0. 6-1 in playoffs. Let the numbers speak for themselves.

LEC: G2 Esports

  • Top: Broken Blade
  • Jungle: Jankos
  • Mid: caPs
  • ADC: Flakked
  • Support: Targamas

Speaking of closing out runs, G2 Esports did one of the most impressive things fans have seen in the LEC in years. They dominated the losers bracket and didn’t drop a game the entire way. 12-0. 4 series. 4 3-0s. G2 are scary. caPs is back in peak form, Broken Blade dominated on tanks, Jankos had incredible engages and the Bot Lane is clearly the best in the LEC. G2 is scary. This is a team that caught on fire at the right time. The question now becomes, will that flame will continue into international competition?

TCL: Istanbul Wildcats

  • Top: StarScreen
  • Jungle: Ferrer
  • Mid: Serin
  • ADC: HolyPhoenix
  • Support: Farfetch

A familiar face from MSI 2021, the Instanbul Wildcats are back and hoping to have a better performance than last time. Turkey as a region has frankly performed rather well for a minor region at international events in the last few years. Notably, the region has an uncanny ability of taking down LEC teams, which was their one win at MSI 2021. The Wildcats are also bringing one of the most legendary ADC players of all time to the event, HolyPhoenix. Despite competing since 2013, HolyPhoenix has ever only been to two international events before MSI 2022. Is this the road to redemption for an all-time great or just another chance to crash and burn?

LJL: DetonatioN FocusMe

  • Top: Evi
  • Jungle: Steal
  • Mid: Yaharong
  • ADC: Yutapon
  • Support: Harp

The perennial LJL champions have made a return to the international stage. This time, DetonatioN FocusMe are coming with a somewhat new roster. Since the Faker killer himself Aria went to KT Rolster, DFM needed a new Mid Lane. Furthermore, they were having support issues all throughout 2021 with Kazu, their coach, and Gaeng swapping in and out. So with two import slots open, DFM went shopping.

They brought in two former LCK players, Yaharong and Harp. Starting with Yaharong, many may remember him from the Jin Air Green Wings days and his recent substitution stint with Fredit Brion in 2021. Yaharong is no washed-up veteran. He dominated the LJL proving that he is still among the best Mid Laners. Harp, ironically, was from KT Rolster, where Aria went. He was a substitute Support in 2021 seeing very little playtime and bounced around from Challengers constantly. Harp is what Yutapon needed in the Bot Lane. Someone who is stable and able to play to make his CS and gold leads even more disgusting than they were. Yutapon has a GD10 of 569. That is unfathomable.

DFM proved at Worlds 2021 and MSI 2021 that they can compete. Fans can not count DFM out of taking games on major regions.

LCO: April 11th


LLA: April 16th


PCS: April 17th


CBLOL: April 23rd


LCS: April 24th


LPL: April 24th


VCS: April 24th


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