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Arcane Act 1 Overview: The Perfect Introduction to the Runeterra Universe

Arcane Act 1

After a long wait, Riot opened up the first act of Arcane all the world to see. Consisting of the first three episodes of the series, Arcane Act 1 beautifully introduces the region of Piltover and Zaun. Arcane tackles very heavy themes, compounded with depth through unique character experiences. The show toys with the concept of morality, portraying good and bad then subsequently flipping that very concept on its head.

In a beautiful story of family, the narrative of Arcane draws parallels both in its characters and cities. The story, on face value, moves along very simply. But upon closer analysis, viewers begin to see the masterful cinematic practices at work. Each detail of Arcane’s first act serves a purpose. The small nuanced animations and the tiniest of details add depth to not only the characters, but the main game as well. Those who follow League of Legends lore will revel in the Easter Eggs. But regardless, whether the audience understands League of Legends lore or not, Arcane’s is magnificent.

Arcane Act 1

Piltover and Zaun

Contrasting starkly from the typical League of Legends cinematic, the champions portrayed in Arcane are characterized by a surprising vulnerability. But unlike the almost super hero-like demeanor in League of Legends, the characters in Arcane are everything but invincible. Each episode reflects a different side of their humanity. Be it their flaws, compassions, or even their aspirations, Arcane’s characters all struggle to achieve their own versions of success. Though heavily inspired by the rise of a hero trope, Arcane’s story telling is far from the simple black and white, good versus evil.

Individual Episode Breakdowns

Here are in depth analysis breakdowns of each episode of Arcane act 1.

Click the episode title to redirect to the appropriate episode. Keep in mind, clicking results in spoilers. Highly recommended only viewers who have watched the appropriate episodes click. Each episode breakdown does not spoil the next. 

Episode 1: Welcome to the Playground

The very first episode of Arcane. Introduces the world.

Episode 2: Some Mysterious are Better Left Unsolved

The second episode of Arcane. Builds upon the world.

Episode 3: The Base Violence Necessary for Change

The final episode of Arcane Act 1.

In Conclusion

Arcane Act 1 is an easy recommendation for League of Legends fans and non-fans alike. The show impresses throughout every second, from amazing animations, strong story telling, and very likeable characters. Representing Riot Game’s first step into big cinema, Arcane Act 1 once again proves to the world that Riot Games excels at creating more than just video games. The first act sets high expectations for the following acts.

And of course, Arcane Act 1 released alongside many in game events across all of Riot Games’ platforms. For the gamers out there, make sure to use the time before Act 2 drops to farm up those events!

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