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Hearthstone: A Beginners Guide to the Year of the Dragon

With the Year of the Dragon in full swing, players begin to question what to do. Not with decks, but with what to do with their cards that rotated out. This guide will help new players, experienced players, veteran players and those with no interest in the Wild Format. What cards to disenchant, keep or craft. This will also help out some new players on getting into Hearthstone.

New player

If you’re a new player and you just joined after the start of The Year of the Dragon, you have one of the easiest things to do to get started. Simply climb through the new player ranks to get the free packs, as well as unlocking all the classes so they are freely available to you. If you don’t want to invest a ton of money into Hearthstone, there are still some

A possible dragon you can get from the Welcome Bundle

good deals out that will help you get started. Buying the welcome bundle and the Shadow bundle. Both give you a great number of packs and a legendary dragon. One thing that every new Hearthstone player should keep in mind is a mechanic that isn’t known until you become a little more experienced with the game. If you own a legendary, it is impossible for you to get the same legendary out of the packs. A golden legendary is the only time you will ever get the same one, and at that points its just free dust. So never disenchant your legendary cards.

If you came in before rotation, then it’s safe to disenchant your cards from sets that have rotated out. This dust will help you complete your classic collection or even fill out cards from sets that you haven’t finished yet. Either way, it’s safe to disenchant those cards. Even if you plan on playing in wild eventually, you can always come back and make a deck that you’d like to try. The decks on the wild ladder run decks from multiple sets. Holding onto a set of cards that only has a few cards that are used in wild.

Experienced players

Long live the King

If you started in or around when Journey to Un’Goror was released, then this option is just what you want. Although there are a few options for you. If you want to play in wild, then look up some wild decks and build a few. Disenchant any cards that aren’t being used for the decks. Then use that dust to craft cards that are needed for the wild deck. Use the rest to help out fill out your collection for the new sets. If you have no interest in wild whatsoever, feel free to disenchant all the cards from the rotated set so you can almost immediately finish the newest set and never have to buy a pack from that set again.

Veteran players

Yogg-Saron, wild’s instant win or instant lose card

More likely than not, you have already decided on whether or not you want to play in wild. So, keep following that idea. If you don’t want to play wild and only have an interest in standard, then get rid of all the rotated cards. Most players that have been playing for more than three years usually play both formats. If you fall under this category, try out wild and revisit some of your favorite cards that rotated out, like Mayor Noggenfogger, Yogg-Saron, Ragnaros or Barnes.

No Interest in Wild?

Not interested in wild? That’s completely fine. Simply disenchant all rotated and hall of famed cards and keep playing in standard. Wild isn’t for everyone. The decks are incredible strong there with some that can destroy you in only a few turns. So, it can be intimidating and not seem pleasant to certain people. It also can be a little complicated trying to remember every card that has ever existed, since anything goes in wild. So, there are some people that simply have no interest in wild and only want to play standard and climb the competitive ladder there.

Hopefully, this guide will help new players and some experienced players on what to do in the new year of Hearthstone. It can get a little complicated at times, not knowing exactly what to do, what cards to keep, what cards to disenchant, and what format to play in.The overall take away, do what makes you happy. If you like wild, play wild. Want to play competitive standard, then play that. If you only like playing your friends, then play them when you both get the chance. Hearthstone is a game for everyone to enjoy in their own unique way.



Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website.

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