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Deck Ideas for Descent of Dragons

With so little time until the release of Descent of Dragons, and with the release comes reveals which means theory crafting on new decks. Will any of these decks be viable or will we simply see improvements on current meta decks?


With all the cards being added that require dragons, we will most likely see a number of dragon decks. Some of the most prominent ones would most likely be Dragon Warrior and Dragon Paladin. Dragon Warrior already has support thanks to cards from previous sets that already have these requirements for dragons. Such as War Master Voone, Smolderthorn Lancer, Emberscale Drake and even have a support card in Dragon Roar. All of these already start on a good dragon deck, and with the new dragons, this increases the power of Dragon Roar. This card will be key to all dragon warrior decks as a quick reload.

With dragon paladin, they have the Bronze Herald and the Dragon Speaker for some hand buffing as well as Nozari. These will help to get the decks started. As well as comboing the new Nozdormu the Timeless with Call to Adventure. They can bring out an early and powerful Nozdormu that the enemy might not be ready for, since most players try to have an opening hand that plays on curve with the turns.

Aggro Warrior

Aggro warrior will most likely see a surge in power thanks to Invoke and Galakrond, the Unbreakable. Using Invoke with Arcanite Reaper or a Sul’thraze could be a powerful swing turn, especially if the player can stack them on top of each other in one turn. Mixing either weapon with Captain Greenskin will improve the damage output as well.

Just playing Galakrond gives some powerful after the buff they get. Fill this deck with Charge, Rush or Taunt minions and one can make a deadly turn. Even Mechs will gain a lot of benefits from these buffs to be attached to other mechs.




All of the evil classes will most likely have a Galakrond deck in one form or another. Rogue having the draw, Warrior getting the buffs, Priest and their destroying of random enemies, Warlock summoning random demons and then whatever Priest will do. All of these will want to run some form of these decks since Galakrond is such a powerful card in almost every form that he has available.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

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