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Why is WoW Still So Popular?

World of Warcraft, or WoW, is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) and has gained ground as one of the most recognizable games to ever exist! With millions of active players and more signing up each day, the popularity of WoW has remained high for over fifteen years.

What is World of Warcraft?

Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, World of Warcraft was released in 2004. WoW is the fourth game in the Warcraft series, but the first to be an MMORPG. In the game, players create a custom character through a deep variety of options and features. Players choose their look, fantasy race, gender, and class. The classes are split into three main options: tank, healer, or damage dealer.

The classes are your role in the battle. Tanks have high health and defense. Their purpose is to control the flow of battle and keep the enemies away from the rest of the group. Healers are exactly what they sound like. They provide support for the group and try to keep all the characters in the group alive. Damage dealers focus on laying down damage on the bosses and minions so that the group can clear the area and finish the dungeon, raid, or adventure they’re currently involved in.

Never-Ending Possibilities

These games are sprawling and epic. They feature huge groups of players working together with precise coordination to take down world bosses, clear through dungeons, or battle other players. Warcraft is an extensive game with incredible depth and hundreds upon hundreds of hours of content; maybe even thousands depending on how you play!

Apart from the combat, which is often touted as one of WoW’s most appealing aspects, there are tons of other things to do in the game. Massive groups of people gather to role-play out scenarios and scenes, there is a deep crafting system in the game that takes a considerable amount of time to master, and once you have mastered it you can craft items, such as gear and resources, for other players and charge in-game currency to do so. It works just like a job on a barter system with supply and demand. The game has a living and breathing economy.

There is also the Player-versus-Player (PvP) side of the game. WoW is often spoken of highly in this regard. The mechanics are fine-tuned, the classes provide an intriguing balance, and there is an interesting assortment of match types. One of the more well-known is the 40 vs. 40 Battle Ground match type that can hold up to 80 players overall. The madness that can ensue in this match type is nearly limitless.

What sets WoW above other MMORPGs?

If you’re asking this question, chances are you haven’t played an MMORPG before. World of Warcraft isn’t the first MMORPG ever released, that honor goes to The Realm Online way back in 1996. However, WoW is certainly the most popular and regarded. Simply put, WoW is the template

for which all other MMORPGs model themselves around. The sheer number of things to do in WoW is staggering. From raids, dungeons, role-playing, PvP, crafting, and just hanging out with friends. There is a section of the game for every type of gamer and person. WoW, like all other RPGs, is built upon leveling up your character to be the most powerful that you can be. That sort of fantastical evolving speaks to people. We want to be the hero of the story.

World of Warcraft isn’t unique in that context, but what sets it apart is how it accomplishes that goal. The options that are now standard for these games, Player vs Environment (PvE) content like raids and dungeons, PvP, crafting systems, achievement systems, mounts for the character to ride into battle or traverse the landscape with, and a nearly endless stream of activities to complete is what’s expected in these games. All of that is expected because back in 2004 WoW set that expectation.

Okay, cool, but why is WoW still so popular?

WoW, like most other MMORPGs, allows players to create Guilds and link together with other players. Guilds can arrange times with members to do raids, dungeons, PVP, or hang out in the digital world.

The question, ‘Why is WoW so popular?’ isn’t easily answered, but it also kind of is. There are a wealth of MMORPGs in today’s gaming world, but few of them are as well-crafted and maintained as WoW. The world is huge, even for just the base game. Players can spend hours just traveling around.

The player base is massive and is made up of people from all over the world. If there’s an activity or hobby that you’re into, you can find others that hold that same interest in this game.

I had a friend who was obsessed with role-playing. He and others, anywhere from 5-6 of them to upwards of a hundred at times, would gather in small townships in the game and act out scenes and scenarios. They had an ongoing storyline and little side stories for each person. It was an entirely separate world and experience within the game for them.

Boosting Ground

Let’s be frank, WoW is an unbelievably big game with so much to do it can seem overwhelming. There’s no reason for that to stop you from getting to experience the game. There are services, like Boosting Ground’s WoW Services, dedicated to helping players acclimate to the game, level up, and be able to get into the really fun stuff as soon as possible.

The WoW Services on Boosting Ground offers extensive support and assistance in character level boosting, dungeon and raid boosting to help you get the loot you need, PvP optimization so you can dominate the landscape, a farming service to make your crafting easier and in-game income greater, they can acquire rare and hard to get achievements, and they can get that elusive, or even long gone mount that you need to flaunt to everyone you come across!

They offer exceptional customer support and guarantee that they can provide the service you are looking for.

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