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Know your odds: how to find casino games with the best RTP

In gambling, the first truth you find out is this: you may never completely know the odds. But what about partly? This is where the RTP (return to player rate) plays a prominent role. And if you prefer online casinos, you are in luck because their rates are significantly higher than those of their brick-and-mortar counterparts. So, how can you find the games with the best odds in the online medium?

Know yourself first

If you are a newer player, low-stake betting is our recommendation. Of course, you can go for high RTP games, like Blackjack, Baccarat, and Video Poker in this situation. Still, take a close look at the minimum bet limit before you proceed. High rollers will also find opportunities playing Blackjack or Baccarat since they generally have extensive max bet limits.

Still, if you identify with the latter category, you may look for lower RTPs and volatility rates. Although volatility does not generally appear on gambling websites, there are notable exceptions. Be advised that the losses may be more frequent for low RTP and volatility games, but the rare jackpot will have a significantly higher value.

Be aware that high RTP titles are less volatile, so while they are more secure for low-stake bettors, high rollers may not receive the large wins they desire.

Find the casino that works for you

We recommend choosing a casino that operates under a license. Having a reputable authority’s approval also means that the operator must display all the games’ RTPs. Besides, the gaming products available there will have gone through testing. They must also function according to an RNG (Random Number Generator) to ensure fairness in gameplay. How do you know which casinos have a license, you ask? You can check the footer of each gambling website you visit, but there is a less time-consuming way, too. This brings us to casino directories.

Check the casino directories

Since the iGaming business is booming and desktop and mobile players have overtaken land-based enjoyers, you need a guide through the vast and intricate web. Online casino directories are a reliable pick in this case, but they are on the rise, too. As such, you might wonder what to look for in a directory. Our recommendation is to choose a website that thoroughly evaluates the gambling options on the table. Furthermore, the experts will consider many aspects when reviewing and will reach only objective conclusions. Less work and more play, right?

Know each category’s RTP

Once you reach a licensed casino, you will have access to the return rates. Most casinos have a separate page providing the complete list. However, if you do not see it, you may need to click on each game and see it yourself.

To spare you the search, we created some guidelines. For instance, the average RTP varies per game category:

  • Slots: 96%
  • Blackjack: 99%
  • Roulette: 94.74%
  • Baccarat: 98.76%
  • Video Poker: 99%
  • Craps: 98.59%
  • Keno: 49%

If you are a licensed casino member, the values are not supposed to go significantly below these benchmarks.

Surprisingly enough, slots do not dominate the RTP top, so they might not be the safest way to score a win. On top of that, remember that slot games and video pokers connecting to a jackpot will have lower returns than their regular counterparts. This information will impact you differently depending on the type of player you are.

What top RTP slots can you find?

Even though slots often make for bumpy rides, you do not need to switch over to Blackjack all the time. Our research shows that the slot machines with the highest return rate are:

GameReturn to player rate
Ugga Bugga (Playtech)99.07%
Mega Joker (NetEnt)99%
Ooh Aah Dracula (Realistic Games)99%
Jackpot 6000 (NetEnt)98,8%
The Catfather (Pragmatic Play)98,1%
Blood Suckers (NetEnt)98%


The importance of providers

The providers are the deciding factor of a game’s RTP. First, they calculate each of their games’ odds, and then they contact a testing company to verify their claim. The suppliers you see in the table are examples of secure casino play, so keep an eye out for them. Besides them, we suggest looking for well-reputed software developers. Generally, those that have been active for several years and have licenses are preferable to newcomers. This does not mean to dismiss fresh faces in the iGaming industry utterly, but it would be best to keep caution.

Verify the paytables

If you are interested in the titles, we recommended head to your casino’s search bar and type in their names. The games on our list are quite famous, and for a good reason, too, so chances are you will find them in no time. If something else catches your eye, remember to check the game’s paytable before playing. Paytables contain core information about a slot, like:

  • Available bonuses (extra spins, jackpots, etc.);
  • Number of reels and pay lines;
  • RTP and, occasionally, volatility.

Our conclusions

The house always has an edge, and knowing it will indeed help you in your gaming sessions. Whether you are a low or high-stake bettor, the readily accessible RTP rates will indicate which games will best respond to your needs. And if the search proves tedious, you may always fall back on our guidelines. Remember to check the paytables, too, as there might be changes from time to time!

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