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No Vehicles for Fortnite World Cup Week 6

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As we head towards week 6, it seems the Battle Royale megalith is already facing setbacks. Forntite has elected to remove vehicles from this weekend’s finals according to today’s “PERFORMANCE AND COMPETITIVE COMMUNICATION UPDATE” (which can be found here) . Epic claims that this was done so potential world cup qualifiers wouldn’t be penalized by the game itself while competing. In addition to getting rid of vehicles they will be releasing an update that addresses many other minor mechanical bugs found in the game. Most notable among these bugs are sound issues affecting; gunfire, ducking/ building, and player landings.



Why the Update?


During Week 4’s weekend qualifiers a glitch matching the v9.01 Patch Notes affected Turner “Tfue” Tenney, a pouplar Fortnite streamer. His experience became very controversial because his stream was live throughout his finals participation. The glitch occurred when Turner seemed to have fired a sniper round with the gunshot sound to prove it but failed to actually fire anything. He even went so far as to blame the glitch for not making the top 5.

Week 6: No Vehicles

“Post from Epic Regarding Upcoming Changes”-image courtesy of @FortniteGame on Twitter









Epic has promised to return the game to full functionality once Update v9.01 is released. They will also be hosting an AMA (ask me anything) subreddit  to address any concerns with Fortnite’s competitive gameplay.



FaZe clan dominates Solo Qualifiers


In other news, the FaZe clan continues to populate the leader-boards, dominating the solo division of the qualifiers. Not a single week was without one of their own populating the top ten players. Danny “FaZe Dubs” Walsh even claimed the number one spot capping off the end of the Week 5 Solo event . These wins for Faze did not go unnoticed as the highly influential streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins voiced his opinion toward the clan with a concise tweet to which FaZe quickly retorted.


Week 6: No Vehicles
image courtesy of @FaZeClan on Twitter








What to be excited for next week


Malfunctions aside the talent seen in this week’s expose was incredible, there’s nothing like a couple million dollars to bring out the best in players. Just watching these professionals play is like a quick clinic on the proper way to build up a mountain. The new “Shadow Bomb” seems to be most popular tool in the NA-East qualifying matches. The “Shadow Bomb” grants players 6 seconds of near invisibility and drastically increased movement speed, an effect similar to using the “Shadow Cube” item from last season. From darting away from the encroaching storm to scaling tall builds for a quick re-position you can bet that the shadow bomb will be a staple in next week’s qualifying rounds.


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