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As the 2018 season of fantasy baseball thunders on, several players have climbed to the top of the game. But like every fantasy season before it, this one will soon end. The Game Haus would like to spotlight those names worthy to be called “Fantasy Baseball MVP” of 2018.

True, some popular favorites will no doubt show up on this list. But there are also those who have certainly established their presences on the diamond. Both American and National Leagues host such firepower in abundant supply. Today, we like to recognize those sluggers and aces who have given fantasy contestants big advantages in their leagues.

Fantasy Baseball MVP Watch: Sluggers

1. Manny Machado: Shortstop, Los Angeles Dodgers
Fantasy Baseball MVP
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The league can’t get enough of Mike Trout and Mookie Betts, with more than good reasons. But Manny Machado has been tearing it up in 2018 as well, even in his new home. Though his numbers in L.A. show that he’s still adjusting, Machado is on pace for career highs from the batter’s box. His season numbers include a .309 batting average, 26 home runs and 70 RBI’s. ESPN projects that the new Dodger would tally 37 home runs (tying a career high) and 100 RBI’s (a new career high) by season’s end.

2. Jose Ramirez: Third Baseman: Cleveland Indians

Picture a ballplayer that stands five feet nine inches tall and weighs about 165 pounds. The term “power hitter” usually would not be the first thing to come to mind. Well if you haven’t already, meet Cleveland’s Jose Ramirez. In 2018, Ramirez has belted 33 home runs and 82 RBI’s. In addition, three of those home runs and eight of those RBI came from his seven games. He is also contending with Boston’s J.D. Martinez for the home run title. Be on the lookout for no. 11 this season, and be sure to bring him onto your fantasy, on the very slim chance he’s still available.

3. Matt Carpenter: First Baseman: St. Louis Cardinals

Very few players have caught fire like Matt Carpenter has in recent weeks. The 32-year old has cashed in 29 home runs this season, 14 in his last 30 games. His batting average has skyrocketed as well, average .349 in the same 30 game span. In addition, Carpenter’s 29 jacks are a career high in a season for him. Plus, ESPN projects that the 3-time All-Star would exceed 40 home runs this season. Both Cardinals fans and fantasy league participants alike are eager for Carpenter to continue this hot streak.

Fantasy Baseball MVP Watch: Aces

1. Aaron Nola: RHP, Philadelphia Phillies
Fantasy Baseball MVP
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In a similar manner, several formidable pitchers are arguably worthy of as much attention as Washington National, Max Scherzer. Aaron Nola, one such pitcher, has been a big help for Phillies Nation. Nola boasts a 12-3 pitching record, along with a 2.37 ERA. His batting average allowed is also scary, at .202. Aside from a much deserved All-Star,  no. 27 is turning into an elite arm very quickly. The 25-year old should also appear in many experts’ radar for this year’s National League Cy Young Award.

2. Blake Snell: LHP, Tampa Bay Rays

Blake Snell was arguably the biggest snub in the MLB All-Star Game Voting. But if anything, Snell will be even more dangerous with that fire in his belly. The 25-year old starter stands with a 2.27 ERA and a 12-5 pitching record. On top of that, Snell yields a meager .190 batting average against opposing batters. Snell’s breakout year has gotten less respect than it should have, without a doubt. But that should not affect the impact he has made this season. It’s only a matter of time before Snell gets the last laugh.

3. Chris Sale: LHP, Boston Red Sox

The front-runner for this year’s AL Cy Young Award, Chris Sale is doing his part for the surging Boston Red Sox. In this season, Sale boasts a 2.04 ERA, along with a 11-4 pitching record. Making seven All-Star appearances in a row, the 29-year old is an X-Factor for any fantasy league roster. Not to mention grabbing his first Cy Young Award would further boost his name into the future Hall-of-Fame conversation. Though now on the disabled, Sale is a no-doubter for the Game Haus’ Fantasy Baseball MVP Watch List. Plus, he will look to finish what he started as he and the rest of the Red Sox eye another World Series pendant.


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