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R6Siege: Mid-Season Balancing Updates are Here


We have arrived at the mid-season period for Rainbow Six: Siege. What does this mean? It means that operators are going to get more balanced, and the game will continue to become smoother to play. Ubisoft, the game’s developer, uses data along with player feedback to make the changes they feel are necessary.

Attacker Pick Rate
Attackers Pick Rate vs Win Rate (image from Ubisoft)

The pick rate versus win rate helps us to see what operators are being chosen. We can also see how successful those players are when choosing their operators. When it comes to attack, Ash is by far the most chosen operator, according to this chart. The newest attack operator, Maverick, has a decently high pick rate. He ranks towards the top, showing he was a pretty good addition in the opinion of the players.

Defender Pick Rate
Defenders Pick Rate vs Win Rate (image from Ubisoft)

The pick rate versus win rate for defenders is the same idea for attackers. The most popular operator is Jäger. If you play the game consistently, this follows what you see in real time. One thing to notice is that the defenders are more varied than the attackers.

As far as changes for operators due to the balancing issues, Clash, Maestro, Lion and Glaz are seeing alterations to some extent. Whether these changes are large or small is specific to each operator.


This operator will be getting multiple changes. These include: reduced speed of weapon changes, longer delay for refilling her shield charge and opposing attackers regain mobility in a shorter amount of time. These changes are relatively big and slightly change the effect of the operator. As you can see above in the defender’s chart, Clash does not win much though. This change could hurt her win percentage even more.


Overall, his gun is getting a balance since so many players thought it was overpowered. However, it is not the change most players would think. Ubisoft is making the recoil patterns align with the other LMGs within the game. So instead of lowering the magazine capacity, they fixed the recoil. This may still make Maestro’s gun one of the best to play.


Lion’s change is more of a concept. The developers are looking for a way to make his detection system less overpowered. They are looking at possibly eliminating the Intel gathering part of his tool, or make him more similar to Jackal. No changes have actually been made, but it sounds as though Lion is getting a full makeover.


There are not many specific changes stated about Glaz. However, the developers want to make him more like he was intended to be. Glaz was originally considered a long range sniper, but has since moved away from that. His smoke grenades paired with his scope make him more of a fast attack operator. We will have to wait and see what is in store for Glaz, but hopefully it is not too large.

Gun Changes

These are not too exciting, as they only impact recoil patterns. Both the SMG-11 and the Vector will have better recoil handlings. Basically, Smoke and Mira will become a little easier to handle. Their gadgets are nice to have, but now their guns will make them even more user friendly.


Mid-season changes for Rainbow Six: Siege are always interesting to see. Ubisoft uses a lot of data to reach their conclusions, but also listens to their players. It is a good combination which usually leads to effective changes. We will see how this most recent evaluation will play out. To read more details, see the mid-season Ubisoft’s notes here.

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