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Questionable Madden 19 Ratings: Indianapolis Colts

Colts Madden 19 Ratings

The Game Haus will be analyzing the Madden 19 ratings of every NFL team. Madden has a daunting task of rating all NFL players and their attributes. While they have the ability to correct some of these rankings with in-season roster updates, there are some issues with the initial rankings of players. This article will examine the Indianapolis Colts Madden 19 ratings.

Andrew Luck

Colts Madden 19 Ratings
Image Courtesy of Forbes

As someone who still has hope for Andrew Luck and is praying that he comes back as close to healthy as possible, an overall rating of 87 is too high. Right now, Luck’s 87 rating makes him tied with Philip Rivers for the eighth best quarterback in the game. How can a quarterback who hasn’t taken a snap in over a year be rated higher than Matthew Stafford and Kirk Cousins? I’m sure to get a ton of hate for that last sentence, but both of those players haven’t missed a game due to injury in three seasons. They also have thrown for at least 4,000 yards and 20 touchdowns in each of those seasons.

If EA Sports wants to give Luck the benefit of the doubt, that’s okay. However, they have to give an honest projection of the player. They also assigned Luck an injury rating of 81. That number shouldn’t be above 75, as Luck hasn’t played 16 games since the 2014 season. Hopefully Luck will live up to and exceed his initial overall rating in 2018.

Eric Ebron

When are people going to move on from Eric Ebron? Yes, he’s gifted physically, even among NFL tight ends. However, Ebron has proven time, and time again that he doesn’t have what it takes to excel in the NFL. If you ask any Lions fan, they will tell you, Eric Ebron can’t catch. Since his rookie year in 2014, Ebron has been top ten in drops among tight ends in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Not to mention, he tied for first in drops during his 2016 season. So it makes no sense that his catch rating is an 86. He’s currently ranked ahead of more proven and consistent players like Vernon Davis and Cameron Brate.

Jabaal Sheard

While this is a small problem I had with the list, it deserves to be mentioned. Jabaal Sheard had a phenomenal year and is not being rewarded for it. Sheard graded out as a top 10 edge defender according to Pro Football Focus. However, his overall rating of 89 places him tied for the twelfth best defensive end with five other players. Meaning, he could be as high as 12th, or as low as 16th. After the season he had and being one of the lone bright spots on the Colts defense, Sheard deserves an initial overall rating north of 90.

Adjusted Ratings

Andrew Luck – 84 Overall

Eric Ebron – 79 Overall

Jabaal Sheard – 91 Overall

Featured Image Courtesy of WSLM Radio

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