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PUBG: What could come to the new snow map

snow map

Winter is coming for the PUBG community. In the winter of 2018, PUBG is expected to release a playable snow map. They have not officially released many details regarding this new map, but there was a pretty deep datamine that tried to uncover what they have yet to tell us. Let’s discuss some aspects of the map that are highly anticipated, whether it was uncovered in the datamine or just pure dreams of the PUBG players.

1. Mountain play
leaked map
The Leaked Map

The new map appears to be rather mountainous. Mountain ranges can be seen in other PUBG maps in short supply, but they are hardly playable. The new map features roads going through the mountain range. This makes it difficult to think that they would avoid adding mountains into regular play. If this new map introduces the ability to frequently play on mountain tops, it may become a sniper haven.

2. Footprint tracking
snow map
Footprint Snow Tracking

In the trailer that PUBG released at E3, we could see footprints. This follows logic as walking in snow always makes it evident where you have been. Would PUBG add a tracking system to this map where you can see where your enemies are going? Maybe. This would add a whole new strategical system of play. The ability to track could result in adding aggression, but also cause more campers in houses for the fear of being tracked.

3. New weapons
Leaked C4 From Datamine

The datamine uncovered the potential for the map to have C4. It would make sense because PUBG is a little behind on the explosives. Most other battle royales have weapons like the C4, so it would make sense for it to be included. As far as gameplay, it likely wont change strategies a whole lot until players get used to it. It will still be a great new feature to add to the game though. If you play on the custom game mode of melee and explosives only, this may change your game strategy completely.

4. Snowmobiles

Alright, so this one has not been confirmed or strongly thought of being true. However, it would make sense to add snowmobiles in a snow map, right? Imagine a motorcycle type vehicle but without the poor balance system. It would be a more comfortable way to get around. You still sacrifice the cover of a car, but at least you lower your chance of getting launched through the air from hitting a blade of grass.


These new additions for the snow map are highly anticipated. Since we have yet to hear hardly anything specific, many PUBG fans are longing to create their own ideas of what would be good. The addition of snowmobiles to get around could be a game changer, and would be a fun way for the snow map to stand out.

What would you like to see PUBG add to their game? Comment below and let us know!


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