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PUBG: New Update #23

New update

As we approach a new month, we are also approaching another new PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds update. The new update will be launching in November. There should be numerous additions brought along with it, and below are the major hot points.

New Weapon
New update
New Skorpion Weapon

There will be a new weapon once again. The update will bring the Skorpion, which is an automatic pistol. The Skorpion will be able to hold 20 bullets, or 40 with an extended magazine. With a higher amount of bullets, this pistol becomes more useful than many other pistols in the game. The damage done per single shot will only be 22 and is effective for about 50 meters. What does this mean? It can be useful in close range combat, but not much at all in long range. The damage rate is barely worth trying to waste bullets at a retreating foe. Pair it with your favorite long range weapons though and you might have a great cocktail. The Skorpion will be available on all maps.

Blue Zone Opacity
New update
Blue Zone Opacity Decrease

One of the many complaints I have heard players talk about since recent updates is the blue zone opacity. It can be very difficult to see players just outside of it. This disturbs many team strategies on gate keeping and using your placement as an advantage. This new update will seek to lower the opacity for the blue zone. In turn, it will be easier to see people who are stuck outside of it. They are also fixing an issue where the opacity actually varied throughout the map based on map and even weather. This update essentially meets players in the middle with the new blue zone concept.

New Guide
New update
New Key Guide

For players who are just starting out or would simply like some tips, PUBG will bring in a dynamic guide. It will appear above the mini-map. This guide will advise you on what to press in order to do what is believed to be the ideal move. While helpful to beginners and learners, this sounds as though experienced players will be irritated with it. Don’t worry. They will also be allowing you to turn this feature off. The guide will automatically be on, but you can simply turn it off in your settings.

Exciting things keep happening in PUBG, and this update is no different. Although the weapon is a secondary one, it seems to be a favorable secondary. The update is currently live on test servers. If you want to read more in depth, see the Steam update article here.

Images from the PUBG Steam community

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