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Junkrat guide: The avatar of explosions

Junkrat guide

In honor of the hinted changes to Overwatch’s lovable explosives expert, here is a Junkrat guide to maximize the mayhem. Like the other guides, this one will break down Junkrat’s abilities and give some pros, cons and key tips to improve your play. First, let’s start with his passive ability: Total Mayhem.

Junkrat Guide: Total Mayhem

Type: Splash projectiles

Damage: 50 per grenade

Grenades Dropped: 6

Total Mayhem has two effects that make this Aussie the avatar of explosions. One effect causes Junkrat to drop six grenades on his death, the other makes him immune to his explosives.

Pro: Close quarters chaos

Being immune to his own explosives makes Junkrat a nightmare in close quarters. Junkrat doesn’t fear spamming grenades right into his enemies faces because they don’t damage him. This means if enemies find themselves grouped in a narrow space they better watch out for Junkrat. And should Junkrat fall, Total Mayhem’s death-nades can secure him a kill.

Cons: Recklessness and range

The immunity to his own explosives can make Junkrat reckless, causing him to jump into winless situations. In addition, his death-nades drop where he dies, making them easy to avoid by simply killing Junkrat at longer ranges.

Key Tip: Take them with you

When in close range you need to try and die as close to the enemy as possible. This allows your death-nades a chance to secure a kill after your death. One strategy is to corner your enemies against the wall and dying on them to limit their chances of escape.

Junkrat Guide: Frag Launcher

Type: Arcing splash projectile

Damage: 40 direct hit, 12.5-80 splash, 120 total

Ammo: 5

Junkrat’s Frag Launcher is his main method of causing mayhem. This homemade device lobs grenades that bounce off of floors, walls and ceilings in an explosive fantasia. His grenades explode on enemy impact or after bouncing three times.

Pros: Versatility and area control

One of the best things about the Frag Launcher is that its grenades bounce. This means Junkrat can bounce grenades off corners into rooms or even around shields. The grenades are also good at area control by making routes dangerous to go down.

Con: Accuracy

Unfortunately, Junkrat’s grenades are hard to aim, especially against smaller and faster enemies, or ones above him.

Key Tip: Be general, not specific

Because of the Frag Launcher’s accuracy issues, it’s better to fire in an enemy’s general area and let splash damage deal with them. This is not to say that you can’t fire directly at an enemy. But keep in mind that the grenades are projectiles, meaning that they have a travel time that must be accounted for.

Junkrat Guide: Concussion Mine

Type: Arcing splash projectile

Damage: 120

AOE: 3 meters

Junkrat’s Concussion Mine is another homemade device that he throws out in a quick flip to blow up enemies, create separation and elevate himself.

Pros: Mobility, kill securement and trap laying

The Concussion Mine is great for getting Junkrat to the high ground or getting away from enemies. And because the mine leaves his hand so quickly they are great for finishing off low health enemies. Also, the mine sticks to the first surface it hits, making it great for setting up traps on the ground or above doorways.

Con: Destructible

The Concussion Mine is destructible. If destroyed it doesn’t explode. And being a projectile it can be deflected by Genji or eaten by D.Va.

Key Tips: Killing blow or escape

Always use Junkrat’s mine as a killing blow or an escape method when not used as a trap. Never initiate a fight with it because that gives the enemy a chance to recover. And using the mine early in a fight robs Junkrat of his escape.

Junkrat Guide: Steel Trap

Damage: 80

AOE: 1 meter radius

Duration: 1 second stun, 3 second root

The only nonexplosive in his arsenal is his Steel Trap. The Steel Trap is a giant bear trap that Junkrat throws down to hopefully trap an unaware enemy.

Pros: Area denial, warning and kill setup

The Steel Trap is a great tool to block off doorways and flank routes. Trapping enemies alerts Junkrat. He’s also alerted when his trap is destroyed. Trapped enemies are rooted for three seconds, making them an easy target for Junkrat’s grenades.

Cons: Destructible

The Steel Trap is destructible like the Concussion Mine.

Key Tips: Combination and placement

The Steel Trap and Concussion Mine are great when used together. Any 200 health hero caught by a Steel Trap with a Concussion Mine on it is almost guaranteed dead. So try and place traps in shadowed areas on flanking routes to kill an unaware DPS. Also don’t be afraid of throwing your trap in a teamfight, because at the very least it’s a distraction, and most, it’s a rooted enemy.

Junkrat Guide: RIP-Tire

Type: Controlled bomb

Damage: 60-600 splash

AOE: 10 meters

As if grenades and mines weren’t enough, Junkrat’s ultimate is a controllable explosive tire. The RIP-Tire travels at 10 meters per second and is able to jump and scale walls.

Pros: Mobility and damage

Since it can scale walls the RIP-Tire is able to reach and attack from various places. Also, RIP-Tire is one of the few ultimates that is able to wipe a team instantly.

Cons: Noisy, fragile and vulnerable

The RIP-Tire’s loud engines can clearly be heard by opponents, making it easy to locate. And once located, it is easily dealt with because of its small health pool of 100. Not to mention that when channeling RIP-Tire Junkrat is left completely vulnerable. Fortunately, killing him when using RIP-Tire doesn’t cancel the ultimate.

Key Tip: Flank

Because of the vulnerability of RIP-Tire, it’s best used from a flanking position. This can be from the high ground, side routes or behind the enemy. You never want to use the RIP-Tire straight up because it is too easy to counter.

Junkrat excels at causing havoc for his enemies with his explosive kit, and we can’t wait to see what changes Blizzard will bring. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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