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Esports Overwatch

Team USA Roster Announced for the 2018 Overwatch World Cup

Ray Haneke
On the Fourth of July, many people like to kick back, take some time off work, and relax. Some people prefer to get out and
Esports Overwatch

Overwatch League power rankings: Stage 4 Week 2

Robert Hanes
The first week of stage 4 was quite interesting as we saw some teams that were expected to be very good falter. We had five
Esports Overwatch Overwatch

Overwatch League stage three playoff odds

Dalton Jewell
We have one final week remaining in Overwatch League’s third stage of play. Some teams have already booked their ticket to the playoffs, while others
Esports Overwatch

Overwatch League: Have the Korean teams been figured out?

Dalton Jewell
The Overwatch League is currently halfway through its third stage. For the majority of the season, the Korean teams have displayed a dominance that other
Esports Overwatch Overwatch

Why the Atlantic Division in OWL is better than Pacific… by far

Josh Armstrong
With almost three-quarters of the Overwatch League already done, teams are working hard to make the playoffs and separate themselves from the rest of the
Esports Overwatch Overwatch

Overwatch League Stage 2: Breakout players

Dalton Jewell
Many players and teams made their presence felt throughout Overwatch League stage two. Some of these players severely improved their play over the course of




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