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Pokemon BDSP In-Game Trade Breakdown

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Hello Pokemon trainers. Traded Pokemon give players the edge consistently in playthroughs and PVP. The game increases their exp boosts, allowing them to level up faster than Pokemon caught by the player themselves. Though few in number, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl’s in-game trades can provide relief for some hard-to-obtain Pokemon. This Pokemon BDSP in-game trade breakdown will go over each trade and where you can obtain it.

Kazza the Abra

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Alakazam is one of the best special attackers in the game. However, its pre-evolution Abra is one of the most annoying to catch. Luckily, players can choose to get one in Oreburgh City with little effort. In exchange for Machop, players can get a level 9 Abra named Kazza from a girl named Hilary. Its ability is Synchronize and it has a quiet nature. It is holding an Oran Berry.

Charap the Chatot

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In Eterna City, go to the condominiums and trade a Buizel for a female Chatot named Charap. It is level 15 and is originally owned by a trainer named Norton. Its ability is Tangled Feet and its nature is lonely. It is holding a Leppa Berry.

Gaspar, the Most Infuriating In-Game Trade in Pokemon History

Pokemon BDSP in-game trade
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Unknown to the starry-eyed, innocent player, they can get a Haunter for a Medicham in Snowpoint City. For the seasoned player, they would think that this Haunter would evolve into Gengar on the spot. Unfortunately, the Haunter, Gaspar, comes holding an Everstone, which negates the evolution. The evil villain, Mindy, is the trainer that requests the trade.  The Haunter comes with the ability, Levitate, however, players should do themselves a favor and skip this one.

Foppa the Foreign Magikarp

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The player will be able to find themselves an interesting trade in the post-game. On Route 226, find a hiker trainer named Meister. In exchange for a Finneon, Meister will gift the trainer a foreign Magikarp. With this, the player can utilize the Masuda Method to increase the chances of breeding a shiny Magikarp. Foppa comes at level 45 and holds a Lum Berry. Foppa uses the ability Swift Swim and has a Mild nature.  After Gaspar brings in massive disappointment, this breeding gold mine definitely makes itself a step up.


These are the four in-game trades that can help players throughout their journeys. This Pokemon BDSP in-game trade breakdown has shown players easy ways to complete the Pokedex. The spirit of Pokemon is about making friends, even with the NPCs. If anything, this piece also encourages players to do the trades that speak to them.

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