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How to Unlock Daybreak in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus impressed the gamers globally. Providing an open world experience with fleshed out mechanics, the game proves the evolution of the franchise as it reaches new heights. Recently, developers updated the game. Known as Daybreak, the update grants more content for players. But some may be wondering about how to unlock Daybreak in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Where do they go to begin Daybreak? What variables must be achieved to unlock the update?

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Beginning Daybreak

First of all, connect to the internet to update the game. To unlock Daybreak within the game, players must  first finish the base game. In essence, they must have viewed the end screen credits. Once players have done so, go to the Obsidian Fieldlands. Mai should be waiting at the Heights Camp. Talk to her to begin the series of requests. Very typical of Legends Arceus, the beginning starts a bit slow.

How to Unlock Daybreak in Pokemon Legends Arceus

After this point, players will begin their journey to complete the Daybreak exclusive requests. A big portion of them center around studying Massive Mass Outbreaks, a unique feature to Daybreak. The complexity of these requests isn’t anything out of the ordinary. Basically, it’s the same research driven NPC cycle that was present in the main game.

In Conclusion

Pokemon blessed the community with a free update to Pokemon Legends Arceus. Daybreak, the official name of the 1.1.0 update, provides an extension of the player’s journey. Keep in mind, Daybreak is very much post-game content. The Daybreak requests are numbered from 95 all the way to 118. In other words, Daybreak requests total to 24 missions.

That’s quite the ample content. And considering the developers labeled Daybreak as a 1.1.0 Update, there are chances of more content in the future. Hopefully, the developers continue adding content to Pokemon Legends Arceus.

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