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How much does Pokemon Legends Arceus Cost?

Pokemon Legends Arceus Cost

With the brand new flagship pokemon game releasing on January 28, 2022, many may be wondering how much will Pokemon Legends Arceus cost. Similar to most full priced Nintendo Switch games, the game will run for $59.99, which totals up to around $64 with tax. Keep in mind, this price tag and currency is for US purchases. The amount of tax may differ depending on the region players purchase the product.

There’s a multitude of different ways to purchase the game, be it with preorders, buying during and after the game’s release, or even patiently waiting for the price to drop. Players looking to preorder, click here for more information on the bonus rewards.

For those waiting for the price to drop, they may need to wait a couple of years. And even then, nothing is guaranteed. Nintendo Switch Online holds sales regularly, but the big name Nintendo games rarely go on sale, if at all. And specifically for pokemon, the main series games have never gone on sale in the eShop. In fact, the physical copy prices typically increase with time.

In Conclusion

Pokemon Legends Arceus explores uncharted territory, utilizing new graphics engines and an open world to expand upon the pokemon main series’ game formula. It’s impossible to tell whether the game will be a success or not, so for those looking to wait for reviews, go ahead to do so. That’s the only redeeming factor, since there’s no way the game will go on sale any time in the near future. For those who know they’re going to buy it no matter what, take advantage of the preorder rewards before the opportunity to do so runs out.

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[…] Similar to most full priced Nintendo Switch games, $59.99 is the Pokemon Legends Arceus Cost, totaling up to around $64 with tax.View full source […]


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