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Chansey’s early reign of terror in the 2018 competitive Pokemon season

chansey pokemon vgc 2018

It may be early into the 2018 VGC format, but there already exists a team so gimmicky that it’s actually viable. Chansey is a Pokemon notorious for just how hard it can be to get rid of due to its high defenses and access to great recovery. This new strategy that centers around Chansey basically ensures that you will not be able to knock it out, because you will simply not be able to damage it or hit it to begin with. There’s a lot of fear in the community surrounding this strategy especially considering that Dallas Regionals are quickly approaching and this team has proven that it can win. Let’s take a look at how you can easily lose to this terrifying gimmick.

How it works

chansey chansey pokemon vgc 2018

The centerpiece of this strategy is Chansey and the team’s goal is to boost Chansey’s defenses and evasion to the point where it becomes impossible to take down. First, you start with Guard Split, a move that averages the defense stats of the user and the target. The two main users of Guard Split are Carbink and Shuckle who are Pokemon known for their high defense stats. Chansey has amazing Special Defense and HP, but its Defense is pitiful, and this is where Guard Spilt comes in. With a boost to its Defense, plus the Eviolite item, Chansey becomes a defensive monster.

The gimmick team golden boy Smeargle is a typical lead for the team as it can disrupt the opponent enough so that Trick Room can be set up for Carbink. Once Smeargle leaves the field, it becomes Chansey’s time to shine.

After receiving the Guard Split, Chansey will then begin to set up Minimize and continue to use Softboiled to regain all of its lost HP during set up. With Chansey at a comfortable amount of evasiveness, it goes from a Pokemon with just amazing bulk to a Pokemon that can’t be touched. Finally, Chansey proceeds to spam Toxic and Seismic Toss while the opponent is hopeless to stop the residual damage as Chansey remains untouched.

This the main core, but the rest of the team has opened itself to some creative options. Pokemon like Reuniclus can use Skill Swap in order to give Chansey Magic Guard which protects it from opposing status ailments. Mime Jr. can use a similar strategy to give Chansey the Soundproof ability making it immune to moves like Roar and Perish Song.

While this team is excellent at stalling the in-game timer, it doesn’t fair too well against the round timer so players who are prepared to beat it should be able to.

It can be beat 

mega gengar chansey pokemon vgc 2018

Here are a few ways that you can tech to beat this strategy if you happen to face it in round one at your next big tournament.

Stopping support moves and stat buffs

Taunt is a move that can be slapped onto a number of Pokemon and can stop both Chansey and its teammates from executing their shenanigans. A lesser used option that had success last year in stopping Eevee teams is Haze which can eliminate all stat changes on the field. Clear Smog works similarly to Haze, but it’s an attack that relies on accuracy and is much less common than Haze.

Sound-based moves

If you’re able to deal with a potential Mime Jr. moves like Roar and Perish Song are solid win conditions against this team. Roar and Perish Song don’t rely on accuracy and can easily phase Chansey out or take it out in three turns as the Perish Song clock slowly winds down.

Brute Force

Like I said previously, Chansey’s base Defense is terrible, which can be exploited early-on to score a quick KO on it. Being a Normal-type, Chansey annoyingly only has one weakness, Fighting. Pokemon with access to a strong Fighting-type attack like Superpower and Close Combat so having a Fighting-type on your team can make this matchup much more difficult for the Chansey player.

While this strategy is a total gimmick, the reason that it is so scary is because that it can win very easily. Many players were not big fans of the timer being shortened to five minutes in the first place and this strategy takes full advantage of it. This team has been terrorizing the online ladder and already won a MidSeason Showdown, so its power is real.

I think I speak for a majority of the community when I say that I would hate to play against this team in a tournament where my hopes for qualifying for the World Championships were on the line. Hopefully with all this new information that exists about this team, players will be prepared to face it, making this strategy just a forgotten blemish in VGC 2018’s early history.

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