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Que up End of the Road by Boyz II Men. In the year 2015 we heard some of the most influential college football figures are calling it quits. The legendary College Football figures Steve Spurrier and Frank Beamer called it quits.

Steve Spurrier a legend in the state of Florida. He was a Heisman winning QB for the Florida Gators. Then later in his life he came back to coach for his Alma Mater. He coached Florida to a national championship and during his tenure he won the SEC six times and won the SEC Coach of the Year five times.  He also had great success in other states then Florida. He was also the Head Ball Coach at Duke University. During his tenure there he revived Duke football and made them somewhat relevant in the ACC. He won a share of the ACC Championship in 1989 and won the ACC Coach of the Year in ’88 and ’89.

The Ole Ball Coach’s last stop was in Columbia, South Carolina. Where he revived another football culture at South Carolina. He is the most winningest coach in USC history. He had eleven straight wins in three consecutive seasons at USC. But only won the SEC East once in his tenure there. Probably could have won that SEC championship game but…he ran into Cam Newton and the Auburn Tigers. Spurrier is famous with those witty one liners, his visor, and his innovative offense, will surely be missed by college football.

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Frank Beamer one word: Beamerball! His style of football was intense and hard nose. Beamer was a specialist at the defense and special teams at Virginia Tech, which is his Alma Mater. Famously coached Mike Vick and infamously coached Marcus Vick.

But on Beamer and Mike Vick’s 1999 team they came up one game shy of a national championship. Before retiring in 2015, he was the active winningest coach in FBS. At Virginia Tech, he won the Big East three times and the ACC four times. He was the Big East Coach of the Year three times and the ACC Coach of the Year twice. Since 1993 his Virginia Tech Hokies, have been in postseason play every year. The college football landscape will not be the same without Virginia Tech being coached by Frank Beamer.

Next year’s college football season will be first to not have a football team coached by Beamer or Spurrier since 1972.

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