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What is the Wild Rift Yuumi Release Date?

Wild Rift Yuumi release date

The recent 2022 Riot Games stream announced Wild Rift Yuumi to drop on patch 3.0. This begs the question, when should players expect Yuumi to release? Similar to all the other champion releases, expect Wild Rift Yuumi to drop around a day after patch 3.0 does. Since the patch scheduled to drop on January 19, expect Yuumi to drop rather soon after. The speculated Wild Rift Yuumi Release date is around January 20. Essentially, the day after the patch drops.

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The date of January 20 stands as the most logical choice. Wild Rift developers are providing all players a 24 hour grace period before being required to update the game. In essence, those playing on previous version of the game can still play with others who have updated to patch 3.0. And since there’s no data to support playing Yuumi prior to patch 3.0, it stands to reason that she would come out the day after.

In addition, with every big champion release, Wild Rift always delays the launch of the champion at least a day. Of course, Wild Rift developers may choose to drop Yuumi even later. But Wild Rift Yuumi stands as their first champion release in 2022. Therefore, the developers have a decent amount of pressure to start off on the right foot. Hence, the day after Wild Rift Yuumi release date speculation.

Quick Yuumi Overview

For those who aren’t familiar with Yuumi’s playstyle, she’s one of the most infamous supports in League PC. She becomes invulnerable by attaching onto an ally, granting them heals, movement speed, and barriers. In addition, Yuumi shoots out a small projectile that slows and damages target on hit. Her ultimate, which seems far weaker in Wild Rift’s iteration, sends an area of effect multiple hitting wave that snares the enemy once it hits three times in a row.

In Conclusion

With a speculated release date of January 20, honestly, Yuumi will be a very interesting addition to Wild Rift. Her simple playstyle and brain dead supporting makes her rather perfect for the mobile MOBA, but at the same time the Yuumi pick is bound to bring a lot of toxicity to Wild Rift. Whatever the case, at least the community knows that Wild Rift developers are pushing insanely hard to continue to improve the game.

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