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Wild Rift Urf Tier List

Wild Rift Urf Tier List

The brand new game mode provides a vastly new meta, easily overwhelms players with an overload of information. What champions are they supposed to play in urf? How strong are certain picks? Are there some picks that players should actively avoid? In this Wild Rift Urf Tier List, all those questions will be answered. In addition, notable picks will be highlighted and discussed. 

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The information for this Wild Rift Urf Tier List was provided by Kerxx and Vindey of RiftGuides. Special thanks for their help.

Be sure to check out their channel by clicking the link below for a video version of the guide. 

Full Tier List

Wild Rift Urf Tier List

Image and Rankings Courtesy of RiftGuides


Our first featured champion is Jayce. This man wasn’t only annoying in arcane – no; he’s also quite the nuisance in urf.

His laning phase is disgustingly broken as he’s able to permanently shove the wave with ease. Now add the fact to the mix that he has a melee AND ranged form – ON LEVEL 1 btw – he’s able to stack conqueror insanely fast. 

If that wasn’t bad enough already he’s also able to completely DOMINATE ANY situation on level 2.
All he has to do is spam his first and second ability over and over again. But that way he makes sure that the enemy has no room to breathe. 

Chunking away the enemy’s HP bar with every empowered shockblast leaves the enemy with almost no options to play. Whenever the enemy gets too close he can also just spam all of his abilities and make sure that they meet their end quite fast.

Abilities Sequence

To get most out of Jayce, properly sequence his abilities. 

Use his 1st ability briefly before using the third ability to remove some counterplay on the enemy’s side. The same applies to his ranged form’s second ability – cast it before entering melee form. Jayce will keep the attack speed bonus, allowing for easy kills.

But what about if when Jayce is already in melee form? He can quickly combo and as he casts his third ability swap to the ranged form and repeat the same ranged combo as before. Being fast enough here removes ALL available counterplay.


For items there’s basically 2 core options:

Manamune, Black cleaver and Serylda’s Grudge

Alternatively, players can also rush Youmuu’s Ghostblade, Black Cleaver and then Serylda’s grudge.

The second build would however put more emphasis on just spamming Jayce’s poke combo. And what about runes? Most of the champions in urf will run a very specific rune page.

They’ll go for conqueror, hunter vampirism, hunter titan and mastermind – but why?

For one conqueror grants the most bonus damage players can ask for – and since champions don’t have cooldowns alongside an infinite mana pool, conqueror is broken.

But what about hunter vampirism? – This one is quite obvious – when constantly fighting and murdering enemies. It would be borderline griefing to not take such high value runes in that game-mode. They’re just too OP. The same applies to mastermind – Who cares about sustaining from sweet tooth when players can just go base and come back in an instant. Prioritize more damage and more gold to objectives. Urf is all about snowballing so play it like that!


Next up comes a champion that’s constantly causing nightmares for poor mid laners.  Zed is another spell spamming abomination. In the early stages of the game his objective is to poke with his first ability. This is probably the most relaxing time players will have when playing against him – so enjoy it while it lasts.

Upon hitting level 2, Zed’s lane opponent is in for double the trouble as he’s now able to use his shadow as well as his shuriken. At this point he can already easily kill players who mess up – but even that pales to his level 3. Once he reaches level 3, his lane opponent’s game just ends, and Zed’s reign of terror begins.

Zed’s Lane opponent cannot even dream of approaching ANY minions – once they try they’ll get instantly chunked or killed.

There is no counter.

Wait until he hits level 5 and gains access to his ultimate ability death mark. His enemies will die on cooldown and if he’s mechanically competent enough. The poor victims will be left sitting there in pain.

Pick or ban this champion at all costs.

For the build, go something like Youmuu’s Ghostblade, Blackcleaver and Seryldas Grudge! Those items are just too insane and provide him with too much value. 


Too much value also comes in the form of Veigar’s cage. This little fella is giga annoying. Especially when paired with anything that can push the enemy around. Then all players have to do is follow this advanced insanely detailed and overpowered Veigar step by step guide:

Step 1: Place Veigar’s cage
Step 2: Let an ally knock them into the cage
and step 3 is profit.

Repeat those steps for maximum income. 

When starting the game, Veigar has to be a little bit more passive. His goal isn’t to smash lane on level 1 – no – it’s about pushing in waves until Veigar can start to play the game. Level 2 onwards, he gains access to at least 1 damaging ability and his cage. Dying is not so easy any more and setting up plays becomes possible. Upon reaching level 3, he can finally start following the step by step guide.

Moving over to the items.

Rush towards Rabadon’s Deathcap. More AP equals more fun. For the second item, take Void Staff and after that a nice little lich bane. Thanks to the insane amount of AP Veigar gains from those items,  he really work wonders.


The next champion is quite the odd one. Why? Because he’s going to play him entirely differently than most are used to. Normally players would evolve his first ability and max it ASAP – but in this mode Kha’Zix doesn’t really care about that skill. He wants to be annoying, and he wants to be toxic. Therefore, max his second ability and evolve it first.

If the enemy cannot catch him – they cannot kill him. But Kha’Zix always gives the opportunity to kill the enemy. After all, the champ’s damage is just not fair. Simultaneously being the one that decides what fight to take makes it really obnoxious to get killed. Because whatever happens, he can still jump away and run for his life – while obviously spamming the evolved second ability 

Good luck chasing that champion. 

But now, time to discuss his laning phase. In the early stages he cannot do much apart from spamming his second ability. Clearing the wave is the primary objective, since hitting level 5 is a huge priority. After that, abuse the toxic nature of the champion.

Nonetheless there’s another way of playing Kha’zix in Urf. Players can also just play him in the jungle and speed clear to gain levels. He wants as much gold as possible to then punish the enemy with his champion’s insane damage output.

To put some extra emphasis on that damage output, take the following items:

Youmuus Ghostblade for extra movement speed. Duskblade isn’t useful here. As the second item, take Black Cleaver to add some more value. And for his third item, complete Mortal Reminder. 


The last of our featured champions is Xayah. By the way this doesn’t mean that other champions are weaker. For example Master Yi is a complete DEMON in urf and should be picked or banned, but seeing 15 videos of 15 different content creators saying how broken Yi is gets a bit boring? They’re still right though. 

But back to Xayah! A typical crit ADC that loves to be annoying with her feathers. But similar to Kha’zix, play her a bit differently now on Urf. 

On one hand, players can go Infinity Edge, Ruunan’s hurricane and Serylda’s Grudge. On the other hand players can also go lethality. This is something that was viable on PC for like a few weeks at most until riot bonked her with the nerf hammer.

For the lethality build, take items such as Youmuu’s Ghostblade for the movement speed, Black cleaver for some extra pen. And lastly, Serylda’s grudge.

The damage on this build is surprisingly, but moving onto the laning phase.

Laning Phase

On level 1 spam Xayah’s 1st ability – be it into the wave or the enemy champions. Ideally though, try to hit both while also angling Xayah’s passive-empowered auto attacks in a way that the feathers shoot through the minions into the enemy champions.

Starting level 2, put on the pressure. Keep on shooting out and recalling feathers on cooldown. Xayah will have an insane wave clear, and once she catches any enemy, they’re in for a lot of trouble. 

Something that’s also quite nice is having a panic button to avoid anything that could potentially harm her. Featherstorm is just the perfect ability for that purpose. And with flash and protobelt, Xayah can quickly relocate herself and get enemies with her feathers.

In Conclusion

That’s it for the tier list! Diana and Leona were left out of the tier list due to editor mistakes. They’re actually both in the A tier. Hopefully, this Wild Rift Urf tier list helps players understand which champions are strong in Urf, and which to avoid. See that outlier Yasuo in the infographic? Yeah, definitely don’t play that champion.

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