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Wild Rift Underworld Skin Line Revealed

Wild Rift Wild Rift Underworld Wukong

In the most recent 2.5A Patch, Wild Rift introduced the Underworld skin line. Two skin releasing for this specific line, Underworld Twisted Fate and Underworld Wukong, the Wild Rift iterations look amazing. Set to release on October 28 @ 00:01 UTC, these skins are reiterations of preexisting League of Legends skin lines. Both sport a mystic, bluish glow. Albeit, Wukong’s skin clearly has a stronger color highlight than Twisted fate’s.

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Here is a quick preview for Wild Rift Underworld Wukong:

As a whole, Underworld Wukong looks fantastic. The glow from the skin give his moves a completely different mood from his default skin. This provides players almost an entirely new experience when playing the monkey king. Attacking an enemy target procs Wukong’s passive, which creates a dark green circle. Although the moves as a whole look quite similar to the usual animations, the little details really allow the skin to stand out. For example, Wukong’s staff glows bright green before every auto, creating extra style for each basic attack.

Now here is a quick preview of Underworld Twisted Fate:

Wild Rift Underworld Twisted Fate

Underworld Twisted Fate Splash Art

Twisted Fate’s arm glows blue, but the rest of his body remains human. A quick look at his cards shows that each card in his collection glows green. These serve as the base premise of the skin, altering his auto attacks and attack animations to accommodate for his new deck.

Similar to Wukong’s skin, Underworld Twisted Fate shines through its attention to detail. The base animations and movements for his abilities were not changed, but the nuanced detail to the coloring and splash effects were altered drastically. When charging up his empowered auto, Twisted Fate’s hands glow a greenish blue.

In Conclusion

These skins are definitely not the most revolutionary of skin lines. Since they are epic skins, and not legendary, their base skills, for the most part, look the same. But for those who absolutely love the Underworld aesthetic, or generally just like the color green, these skins definitely stand out as great buys.

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