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Wild Rift Teases 2 New Champions

In Riot’s recent video, they teased the release of Katarina and Rammus. These two champions have been adjusted for Wild Rift, therefore play slightly differently from their PC counterpart. To see footage of gameplay, check out the video linked above.


Courtesy of Riot

The dual dagger yielding champion boasts one of the highest DPS in League of Legends PC. Without a doubt, Katarina’s damage will be high in Wild Rift as well. Utilizing her quick cooldowns and resets, Katarina is an AP champion that dashes around the screen to assassinate the enemy team.

In Wild Rift, Katarina has the ability to move around while using her ultimate. In League of Legends, Katarina stands still while executing her ultimate ability. According to Riot, they implemented movement in Katarina’s ultimate in Wild Rift to accommodate for the joystick controls. Developers worried that canceling her ultimate would be too easy with the sensitive joystick controls.

As of now, no set release date was announced for Katarina.


Courtesy of Riot

Rammus is very similar to Sonic the Hedgehog, but a tanky version. He zooms across the map in his ball form, providing solid crowd control. Typically a jungle, Rammus’ strengths come from surprising the enemy with his hyper speed.

In Wild Rift, developers modified his skills. His ball form in League of Legends PC is a skill, but in Wild Rift the form is his passive. Gaining movement the more he travels out of combat, Rammus is able to scale his ultimate according to the amount of speed he stacks up.

Riot modified Rammus’ ultimate ability as well. He now jumps into the sky, and slams into the enemy. The area of effect scales with the amount of movement speed Rammus built up. Be sure to watch the dev video to see the skill in action.

As with Katarina, Rammus’ release date has not been announced.

In Conclusion

Riot announced that they plan on developing two new champions per month for Wild Rift. This means that the meta in Wild Rift will evolve rapidly. With no official release dates for the new champions, stay tuned to The Game Haus to keep updated on current events for everything related to Wild Rift.


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