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Wild Rift Superb Villain Veigar

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Wild Rift Superb Villain Veigar debuts on Wild Rift. Since Veigar releases soon in the mobile game, Riot gave the yordle a skin to accompany his grand entrance. Sporting a top hat, a menacing staff, and even an adorable cape and mustache, the new skin looks very stylish. In Riot’s words, “It’s gotta be a crime to look this dapper.”

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No official gameplay of Wild Rift’s Superb Villain Veigar is available. But since the skin is a port of League PC’s preexisting cosmetic, a decent amount is already known. Assuming the skin remains true to League of Legend’s port, none of Veigar’s move animations will be changed. Superb Villain Veigar only changes the outer appearance of the champion. Since Wild Rift has yet to release gameplay of the Superb Villain Veigar, here is a League of Legends preview of the skin.

In general, Wild Rift ports skins fantastically into the game. Superb Villain Veigar is will likely be no exception. Seeing as how Superb Villain Veigar is a very old skin, Wild Rift’s version of the skin will improve upon the details of League of Legend’s version. So imagine a better, more intricate model with modernized looks.

Veigar will change Wild Rift as summoners know it. He is a scaling mage that has an ability that will cause plenty of havoc on the Rift. His “baby cage” as some call it, will trap opponents or stun them if place correctly allowing for a multi-player stun and plenty of damage to be dealt. Do not forget this when he arrives on Wild Rift.

In addition, Veigar may also be played in the duo lane. He is an excellent off-meta pick, filling in the role for either support or ADC. The exact method of optimizing the pick will have to wait until he officially releases, but definitely be wary of the yordle’s debut.

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