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Wild Rift

Wild Rift: Skin Leaks for Patch 2.3a

Pool Party Skins!?

Data miners across the globe have found some files suggesting future Pool Party skins releasing to Wild Rift. The champions that could receive Pool Party skins at the moment are: Leona, Lee Sin, Graves, Renekton, Dr. Mundo, Draven, Ziggs, Lulu, Fiora, Miss Fortune, Jarvan the Fourth, and Orianna.

These champions all have solid CC or wave clear, and in the case of Orianna, both! The Pool Party event is always a reminder of the Summer. Making this the perfect time to relax and display a relaxed vibe with your own Pool Party skin.

Academy Skins!

These four icons have been leaked to the public. The battle academy skins are coming right as the school year is wrapping up. Nothing shows off graduation like the studious look of Graves in the Jungle. Professor Graves always has sharp students like Katarina and Lux. However, they always have to keep an eye out for that mischief Ezreal. So far we only know that these four champions have icons, making it safe to assume that their skin is coming out alongside it. But besides Graves, Katarina, Lux, and Ezreal, the other champions that have academy skins and are in Wild Rift are the following: Garen, Leona, and Wukong.

Graves Disappointed
Tilted Katarina
My bad Lux
Why you leave my lane? Ezreal
Back animation for battle academy

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