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Wild Rift Sett Likely Confirmed in Leaked Information

Wild Rift sett

Recently tons of information leaked for Wild Rift through data mines. Some of the information remains a little skeptical, but a recent clip shared on Twitter confirms the release of yet another champion: Wild Rift Sett. Though technically not an official reveal, the footage is clearly from Wild Rift, displaying his gameplay and therefore serving as undeniable proof of the champion’s release.

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Credits to Chowz for the leak.

The video shows off the new skins coming to Wild Rift. Teemo, Xin Zhao, Orianna, and Tristana show up first. Nothing too out of the ordinary, just some really nice looking skins. But at the 0:50 mark, a new champion reveals himself. Jumping up, Wild Rift Sett lands into the screen posing gallantly for the camera. The gameplay shows Sett running through the river. He lands a massive ult, throwing the poor Seraphine into the ground. He pulls the Jhin and Lee sin into him, and proceeds to destroy the enemy team.

Sett Champion Overview

For those who don’t know, Sett is a leading figure of the underworld. The champion utilizes face breaking CC and a unique mechanic that rewards him for taking damage. His playstyle revolves around positioning in the middle of team fights. The more champions he surrounds himself with, the more utility Sett acquires from his Facebreaker. It’s hard to tell exactly where he’ll see play, since in League PC he played as a support, top laner, and even jungler. But regardless, he’s a fan favorite and sure to be an excellent addition to Wild Rift.

In Conclusion

This isn’t an official reveal, but definitely serves as pretty undeniable proof as to Wild Rift Sett’s release. The only way he doesn’t drop is if Wild Rift developers take him out purposely to fight against data leaks, but that’s highly unlikely to happen. Oh, and the Firecracker skins in the rest of the video look excellent. Commemorating the Chinese New Year, these skins will likely release around the same time as the New Years.

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Wild Rift Firecracker Skins Potentially Leaked January 5, 2022 at 12:24 pm

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