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Wild Rift Sett Build and Guide

The newest addition to Wild Rift, Sett, just released. And to help players understand how to play the super powerful brawler, here is a Wild Rift Sett Build and Guide. A little unexpectedly, the champion’s best role is in the jungle. For those who don’t know, a lot of bruisers in general who conventionally play in the solo or Baron lane end up going jungle in Wild Rift. Prime examples are Irelia and Fiora, who just steam roll games. So without much further ado, it’s time to go over the Wild Rift Sett Build, starting with the items.

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The information was provided by Kerxx and Vindey of RiftGuides. Special thanks for their help.

Be sure to check out their channel by clicking the link below for a video version of a Sett Breakdown. 

Item Build

Wild Rift Sett Build

Blade of the Ruined King is an excellent item option for Sett. The move requires the champion to hit three times in a row before procing its active slow, which is easily done with Sett’s first ability, Knuckle Down. By timing his enhanced basic attack resets properly, the boss easily activates BOTRK’s active. And once the enemy is slowed, Sett can proceed to pound their face in. Oh, and Sett’s first ability damage scales with max health, very similarly to Blade of the Ruined King’s passive scaling damage.

For this build, Black Cleaver is recommended over Trinity Force. This is because Trinity Force is a very expensive item, and therefore a little unreliable. Why opt for Trinity Force when Blade of the Ruined King is much cheaper? And the attack speed buff from BOTRK is enough for Sett, with Black Cleaver helping him continue to shred down the enemy. Not to say Trinity Force rush Sett is bad. It’s just a little risky, considering Sett wants to be strong as soon as possible to snowball the game.

In regards to boots, build defensive. So, Ninja Tabi or Mercurial Treads. Then upgrade the boots into either Protobelt enchant or Gargoyle Enchant. Protobelt helps Sett close in the gap, so he can perform his signature face breaking plays. After all, reacting to a Protobelt flash engage from Sett is near impossible. Gargoyle Enchant is just the best defensive itemization for those looking to just survive longer in fights. It essentially allows him to continue applying CC and smacking the enemy without having to worry about dying.

For the rest of the items, just go the typical tank defensive options. In essence, Sterak’s, Randuins, etc. Switch out items as deemed fit according to the enemy’s fed damage carries.


Wild Rift Sett Build

Without a doubt, Conqueror is the keystone to go. Sett plays aggressively, running head first into the enemy team. And therefore, the longer he keeps throwing hands, the stronger Conqueror gets. Take Brutal for extra damage, or Hunter Vampirism for sustain. Hunter Titan grants great tenacity and decent health, meaning Sett can perform Sett things by shaking off crowd control. And lastly, take Mastermind for objective control.

Move Upgrades

For jungle Sett, prioritize his first ability upgrade. At the very beginning level 1, definitely take his first ability Knuckle Down. Then at level 2, after the first camp, upgrade his third ability Facebreaker. At level 3, take another skill in Knuckle Down and finally at level 4 upgrade Haymaker. Doing so optimizes Sett’s clear speed and damage. Mass upgrade Knuckle Down whenever possible thereafter, and Facebreaker next.

In Conclusion

Needless to say, Sett Jungle needs smite and flash. The champion functions in other lanes as well, but without a doubt his most dominant role is in the jungle. Hopefully this Wild Rift Sett Build provided the necessary information for players to utilize the pick. Of course, treat this build as a flexible guide, rather than rules that are set in stone. Each individual player has a specific play style. The information presented in this Wild Rift Set Build is meant to provide a base understanding for players.

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