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Wild Rift Senna Build and Guide

wild rift senna

To play Wild Rift Senna properly, players need to understand the champion’s role. Although competitive players often utilize the champion as a utility marksmen for the duo lane, the champion typically plays better as a support in solo queue. Adc Senna requires incredible nuanced team building mechanics alongside positioning to properly utilize. And if build incorrectly, can often result in lackluster damage.

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Here is the recommended champion build for Senna:

wild rift senna

Notable Items

Black Cleaver

In regards to items, Black Cleaver is almost always a must on Senna. Building the item first or second yields great results, since Senna’s damage doesn’t typically rely on critical damage. This makes Black Cleaver great, since the item’s utility synergizes wonderfully with her. Extra movement speed upon hit, and shredding armor allows Senna to position effectively, alongside diminish the enemy’s survivability. Black Cleaver’s attack damage, health, and cooldown stats also benefit Senna. The health ensures she doesn’t get completely one shot every time, while the cooldown allows Senna to spam her abilities more often.


Another great item is, surprisingly, Manamune. The item ensures Senna’s mana pool and scales AD as well. Definitely more of a team fight catered item than a laning one, Manamune grows Senna into a utility monster. Spamming abilities allows Senna to become stronger, while simultaneously healing her allies. Of course, the item prioritization definitely differs according to play style. Manamune hits a power spike a bit later, but also synergizes excellently with Frozen Gauntlet.

Frozen Gauntlet

The typically tank item, Frozen Gauntlet, works wonders with Senna. The ability haste alongside defensive stats excellently counter bruiser AD champions, such as Fiora. But against castors, the item definitely doesn’t yield as great results. Frozen Gauntlet’s passive slow always adds utility to Senna. An area of effect slow after spell cast adds insane utility during team fights. In addition, the extra mana scales with Manamune, increasing Senna’s AD even more.

Alternative Build

This build rushes Black Cleaver first, rather than Manamune. Prioritizing faster damage over scaling mana, utilize this with the Manaflow Band rune to compensate.


wild rift senna

Grasp of the Undying is an absolute must on Senna. Taking any other keystone on Senna is practically trolling. For the secondary domination runes, Senna’s options are rather versatile. Take Hunter Vampirism for life steal, for those looking to survive longer. Otherwise, take Brutal for more damage. In regards to the resolve tree, take Hunter – Titan when attempting to scale for team fights, or Adaptive Carapace to survive clutch fights.

For the Inspiration Tree, take Mastermind when playing against low push comps in the duo lane. The rune is fantastic for snowballing, especially on a utility marksman support like Senna. Burn the towers and dragons, gaining extra gold to steam roll the game. But this situation doesn’t always come up. Therefore, take Sweet Tooth as an alternative gold item. Manaflow Band works wonders for those not opting to build Manamune, compensating the champion’s mana regeneration.

Moves Upgrade Priority


In Conclusion

Wild Rift Senna is a very versatile pick, but easily countered by hard engage champions like Leona. Lock in the pick carefully, understanding her weaknesses and strengths when doing so. To maximize the pick, since she scales excellently, switch out Wild Rift Senna’s items and runes accordingly.

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