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Wild Rift Season 1 Begins

Wild Rift Season 1 has officially begun! With the start of a new season, Riot released some huge new changes. From new champions, official season rewards, and even new events, here are the updates brought alongside Season 1 of Wild Rift.

Season Rewards

Courtesy of Wild Rift

Glorious Tryndamere is the official end of season reward for achieving past Gold in Wild Rift Ranked. This skin is unique to Wild Rift, one of many Wild Rift exclusive skins to come. Alongside the Tryndamere skin, Icons and Player Emblem that corresponds to the player’s season rank were announced.

But unlike League of Legends PC, Wild Rift seems to not have an honor system to limit rewards. Be sure to grind away at ranked, to acquire the season rewards.

Yordle Event

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Wild Rift stated that the Yordle Event would make its debut alongside the champions at the start of Season 1. Though the champions come from League of Legends, some of the Yordles seem to play differently. For example, Teemo now has a Vayne like roll and turns invisible while on the move. Watch the official event trailer to see more of the teased champions.

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Even though the season officially started, the yordles are nowhere to be seen. Perhaps Graves still has them in his cage, waiting for Lulu’s great prison break. Expect the event to start in the next coming days, as Lulu and her rock head to rescue the rest of the Yordles.

In case the previous references were missed, watch Riot’s short cinematic here.

The event offers Icons, Borders, Emotes, and even a Bauble for rewards. Be sure to keep attentive as Wild Rift brings the Yordle Event to debut for exclusive rewards and first looks at the new champions that will shake the meta of Wild Rift.

Quality of Life Changes

There were many new changes implemented into Wild Rift to help with gameplay. Notice the button on the top right before heading into matchmaking.

By clicking this button, players are given a map overview. This overview provides detailed information on every objective in the game. Be it Dragon, Baron, towers, anything. From respawn timers to active buffs, this informational tool gives all the needed information.

Simply click on the appropriate icon, and the description should pop up.

All players should utilize this feature to help their game knowledge. Alongside this informative tool, players can now search for parties in Wild Rift. This feature allows players to see existing parties, and choose to join a select one, giving more opportunity for communication among players.

In Conclusion

Season 1 is off to a fast start. From bringing Yordles to the rift, to releasing new events and quality of life changes, Riot really pumped out Wild Rift Content. Keep playing Wild Rift to see what more Riot has in store for us.

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