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Wild Rift Project Skin Line Preview: Project Vayne Looks Amazing

Wild Rift Project Skin

In their shiny new event, Wild Rift patch 2.6a released a whole bunch of Project Skins simultaneously. From Project Vayne, Jhin, Akali, Katarina, and even Fiora, these skins look phenomenal in their Wild Rift iterations. Set in an alternate dimension in a Cyberpunk world, the Project skin line features champions augmented by cybernetic enhancements. Project Vayne is the only Legendary skin out of the bunch. The rest are epic skins. Here is a quick preview of the Wild Rift Project Skins.

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Project Vayne

Shown in the video above is Project Vayne’s Wild Rift Skin Spotlight. When stepping out of base, Project Vayne rides a stylish motorcycle. And when recalling, the marksman hops on her motorcycle to races back home. Fun fact: Vayne is the only champion in Wild Rift that rides a vehicle, unless Senna’s High Noon horse counts. Undoubtedly one of the best skins in the game, Project Vayne’s animations and nuanced details definitely warrant the Legendary tag that Riot placed on it. The skin stands as testament to Wild Rift’s amazing art direction.

Project Fiora

Although Project Fiora is one of the oldest of the Project skin in League of Legends PC, Wild Rift’s iteration doesn’t look aged at all. The crisp particle effects that fly from her attacks synergize with the skin’s wonderfully handled sound effects. Each attack sends out a slashing noise that rings wonderfully, helping display the skin’s aesthetics.  Even though Project Fiora isn’t a legendary skin, the amount of attention to detail is quite impressive.

Project Akali

The assassin, though slightly displaced in the current meta, is now once again happy thanks to its wonderful Project skin. Project Akali, similar to Fiora, has amazing sound effects that help bring the player into the cyperpunk themed universe that they come from. In addition, the moves look amazing. The base animations remain largely the same, but the added Project outlines and aesthetics really add value to the skin’s relatively low price tag.

Project Katarina

The biggest accent of Katarina’s kit is definitely her spinning. Whether its from her utlimate or from picking up her passive knives, Katarina’s reputation stems from her excessive beyblade-like twirling. Luckily for Katarina players, Project Katarina’s spins really highlight the champion’s signature mechanic. Shining lights around the outer rim, accented by the cybernetic sound effects, Project Katarina is a great pick up for those looking to play the champion.

Project Jhin

As of late, Jhin definitely isn’t the most impactful pick in patch 2.6a. But with the added umph of the extra particles and sound effects from Project Jhin, players can at least look like they’re putting in work! The small black particles flying off of each ability alongside the lighting effects allow each of Jhin’s attacks to really shine.

In conclusion

All the project skins costs 990 Wild cores, excluding Project Vayne which costs 1325. For players who can afford the skins, don’t hesitate to purchase them. They’re really some of the coolest skins to have released on both Wild Rift and League PC. And don’t worry, they look absolutely amazing on Wild Rift as well, debatably even better than League PC’s iterations.

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