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Wild Rift

Wild Rift Patch 3.0b Analysis

Wild Rift Patch 3.0b

It’s finally patch time! After a decent delay, Riot developers released Wild Rift Patch 3.0b. This update focused primarily runes and champion balances, helping stabilize the game. As it is a secondary patch update, in essence, a lettered update, there’s nothing all that new. Instead, the developers targeted creating fair play, mitigating many of the broken runes and champions. This article will talk only about the gameplay changes, rather than addressing the events and skins. For those, check out the Official Wild Rift page. Without much further ado, here is a Wild Rift Patch 3.0b analysis.



Wild Rift Patch 3.0b


Riot’s Reasoning:

“This slippery assassin has had too easy of a time killing his foes, so we’re cutting back on some of his base damage.”


Ability Icon


  • Damage: 85/150/215/280 → 75/140/205/270

This isn’t anything too substantial for the late game, but 10 damage shaved off for the early game is huge. Playful Trickster played incredibly safe, and the nerf definitely helps Fizz’s poor prey.

Ability Icon


  • Maximum base damage: 350/450/550 → 300/400/500

Every time Fizz ulted, it practically guaranteed a kill for the fish. A damage nerf on both Playful Trickster and Chum the Waters means Fizz users will have to think twice before all in engaging. Overall, these are very nice changes, helping the champion feel a lot more balanced than before.

Wild Rift Patch 3.0b


Riot’s Reasoning:

“Jax has been one of the most dominant fighters in both the Baron Lane and jungle, because of his late-game scaling. We’re toning down some of that power by reducing the attack speed he gains per stack of Relentless Assault.”

Wild Rift Patch 3.0b


  • Attack Speed gained per stack: 3/5.5/8/10.5% → 2.5/4.5/6.5/8.5%

Much agreed with the Riot statement. Jax dominates the late game thanks to his incredible scaling and damage mitigation. The Relentless Assault nerf prevents him from attack as quickly, which decreases his damage output as a whole.

Wild Rift Patch 3.0b


Riot’s Reasoning:

“Our favorite whimsical yordle has consistently been a top pick for supports in high level play, so we’re reducing her ability to buff her allies and how often she can turn her enemies into cute little squirrels.”

Ability Icon


  • Cooldown: 16/15/14/13s → 17/16/15/14s

This move is one of the strongest mitigation tools in the game. Whimsy nerf is very well warranted, and should require Lulu players to think twice before just throwing it out there. A second nerf doens’t hurt her too much, but can definitely make the difference in huge team fight scenarios.

Ability Icon


  • Shield value: 70/115/160/205 → 75/110/145/180

Now this is actually huge. They shaved off 25 shield value at its last upgraded stage. This means that allies that are shielded don’t just become invulnerable monsters. And comboing with the Whimsy nerf, these balance updates should be rather substantial.

Wild Rift Patch 3.0b


Riot’s Reasoning:

“Since her release, this cuddly cat has been having a rough time finding her place in the Dragon Lane. We held off on buffs initially because we wanted to give players time to adjust to her unique playstyle, but it’s clear now that even the most dedicated Yuumi players are struggling. We’re giving her more reasons to take her claws out and play around her Prowling Projectile rather than only focusing on giving her allies the Zoomies.”


  • Mana regeneration growth: 0.9 → 1.3

This on its own is already huge. Yuumi had massive mana issues, and with a 0.4 increase in mana regeneration growth, the kitty will finally be able to make a sustained impact.

Ability Icon


  • Cooldown: 12/10/8/6s → 10/8.5/7/5.5s

More of a quality of life buff, the early level cooldown is huge but pretty for the later upgrades, it becomes a little negligible.

Ability Icon


  • Mana cost: 90 → 70
  • Current percent health damage: 2/3.5/5/6.5/8% → 2/4/6/8/10%
  • Base damage: 40/80/120/160/200 → 60/100/140/180/220
  • Empowered base damage: 60/110/160/210/260 → 80/130/180/230/280

MASSIVE buff. This on its own would be enough to save Yuumi’s poor state. More damage, less mana cost, and stronger scaling.

Ability Icon


  • Attached adaptive force ratio (AD:AP): 1:1.67 → 1:2

Just a more round out number.

Ability Icon


  • Base damage per wave: 60/80/100 → 80/100/120

Buffing base damage per wave is pretty dangerous. Since it shoots out multiple waves in a row, the damage stacks. Yuumi should now be able to deal quite a lot of burst damage, considering both her damaging abilities were buffed.

Of course, the kitty definitely has multiple counters. It seems Riot was hesitant on releasing her too strong, since the champion is very controversial as a whole. But Yuumi definitely dropped in a horrendously weak state. These should allow her to feel more like a champion, rather than a walking healing relic.



Riot’s Reasoning:

“Maw of Malmortius is a niche item that should be the premiere pick when facing multiple magic damage threats, but right now it’s not. We hope by reducing Maw’s cost, it will help it become that premiere item of choice when facing multiple enemies dealing magic damage.”

  • Combine cost: 600g → 400g
  • Total cost: 3000g → 2800g

This item generally just sucks, so decreasing the cost definitely helps. But without any stat or item passive changes, chances are, the item still won’t be that great.



Riot’s Reasoning:

“Electrocute is meant to be the keystone for burst and quick trades, but for many champions, Conqueror has just been a better choice. We’re giving it a couple small buffs to help it compete with the other options, particularly for assassins and mages.”

  • Base damage: 30-184 → 35-189
  • Cooldown: 25s → 20s

Pretty good buff. They decided to buff a weaker rune, rather than nerfing Conqueror. This is great, since Conqueror just feels really good at the moment. Therefore, nerfing that rune would have resulted in a lot of complaints from players.

For the buff itself, it’s pretty substantial. 5 seconds shaved off the cooldown timer, and more damage at all levels. It’s hard to tell if it’ll compete with Conqueror, but it should at least stand as a viable option for those who can utilize the rune properly.


Riot’s Reasoning:

“Triumph is a rune that can allow champions who do high damage, kill multiple enemies in a teamfight and stay healthy while doing it. However; it’s lately been struggling to find its place in this meta, so we’re increasing the damage it provides when attacking lower health champions so that it can better compete with the other Domination runes.”

  • Bonus damage to enemies below 35% health: 3% → 5%

That’s a nice little buff. Rather than targetting the health regenerated upon takedown, Riot chose to buff the damage bonus instead. This allows the rune for more offensive plays, which is key in Wild Rift’s meta.


Riot’s Reasoning:

“Hunter – Genius isn’t performing as well as we’d like. We’re increasing its starting ability haste and the ability haste that it provides per stack in order to make it a more competitive minor rune pick.”

  • Starting ability haste: 2.5 → 3
  • Ability haste per stack: 15 → 18 at max stacks

More ability haste is fantastic. And with the Sweet Tooth nerf, mentioned later, Hunter – Genius grants a lot of utility. This rings true for the late game especially. For champions that require ability haste, Hunter – Genius is now an amazing option.


Riot’s Reasoning:

We know that Phase Rush has the potential to invalidate counterplay for some champions, which is why we’ve been careful when making adjustments to it. However; it’s clear this keystone is weak compared to others. This buff should help champions that value the extra mobility over the course of longer fights, while also maintaining its current power level for champions that just want to use Phase Rush to execute a specific combo every once in a while.”

  • Cooldown: 15s → 12s

A shortened cooldown should help a bit, but it doesn’t really fit into the meta all that well. Unless they buff it even more, it’s highly unlikely that the rune will see substantial play.


Riot’s Reasoning:

“Sweet Tooth has been a dominant pick compared to the other minor Inspiration runes. We’re reducing the bonus healing and gold gained from Honeyfruit to hopefully allow for some other minor runes to shine.”

  • Bonus Honeyfruit healing: 25% → 20%
  • Bonus gold per Honeyfruit: 20g → 15g

HUGE nerf. This rune was incredibly expoitable, with no real ceiling to how much champions earned from the fruit. Removing 5 gold per honeyfruit hurts the rune immensely, and thereby allows runes like Hunter – Genius to shine.


Riot’s Reasoning:

“Compared to the other Resolve runes, Bone Plating has been underperforming. We’re reducing its cooldown to better fit the faster gameplay in Wild Rift.”

  • Cooldown: 45s → 35s

Good. Riot’s reasoning is spot on. The cooldown was way too long for how fast paced Wild Rift gameplay went. Bone Plating is a great rune now, countering burst heavy champions pretty well.


Riot’s Reasoning:

“Despite it being a competitive pick, we believe that Conditioning could also better fit the faster gameplay of Wild Rift. We’re reducing how long its bonus armor and magic resist stats take to come online, while also reducing its starting resistances to keep it in line with its fellow minor runes.”

  • Initial wait time to gain bonus resistances: 5m → 3m
  • Starting bonus armor and magic resistances: 8 → 5

Another buff in the runes department. Honestly, Riot’s doing a great job of buffing the runes, rather than just nerfing the strong ones. This is because the strong runes, for the most part, feel really good. Would suck to ruin a good thing. Much rather, just buff the weaker ones so they can actually contest! Great buff to Resolve: Conditioning.


Riot’s Reasoning:

“Hunter – Titan provides survivability and strong resistance against crowd control, because of this it has felt like a must-pick rune lately. To make room for some of the other Resolve runes to shine, we’re reducing the tenacity gained per unique champion takedown.”

  • Tenacity gained per unique champion takedown: 4% → 3%
  • Max stacks: 20% → 15%

As Riot stated, this should allow for other Resolve runes to shine. Titan is a great rune, but honestly it wasn’t necessarily “broken.”


Riot’s Reasoning:

“Second Wind hasn’t been living up to its promise of mitigating lane poke and harass, so we’re cutting the amount of time needed to recover health to make it a stronger pick against consistent poke damage.”

  • Regeneration time after taking champion damage: 10s → 5s

Shaving off five seconds from the regeration time after is huge. It’s literally halving the wait time. Fantastic buff.

In conclusion

Riot did a great job in Wild Rift Patch 3.0b. These gameplay changes are very well warranted. No matter what they do, the dev team will receive criticism. But as a whole, this balance update made a lot of sense. The changes should create more breathing room for various play styles, which is very much needed for Wild Rift. The slight delay in the Wild Rift Patch 3.0b update was a little disappointing, but considering the quality of this update, it was well worth the wait. Good job Riot.

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