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Wild Rift

Wild Rift Patch 3.0 Tier List: High Elo

Wild Rift Tier List

Wild rift received a New Patch so here’s the new Tier list for the high elo. For Mid, Baron and Jungle, Jayce is the uncontested number 1 but is not going to get nerfed any time soon. Inside of a tier there’s no order that makes a champion stronger or weaker, but here’s something about the S-tier. Similar to the pick of the patch, S-tier champions are a must pick if those wanting to win more games.

To help players understand which champions dominate and which fall off, here is a Wild Rift Tier List ranking the best and worst picks for each role. When considering the hierarchy of champions, this specific tier list assumes those utilizing the champions understand how to play them. In essence, this Wild Rift Tier List is for the high elo. The visuals provide the comprehensive list, with some noteworthy pick for each role explained thereafter.

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The information was provided by Kerxx and Vindey of RiftGuides. Special thanks for their help.

Be sure to check out their channel by clicking the link below for a video version of the guide. 

Baron Lane

wild rift tier list

For the baron lane, presenting to the most recent victim of irrelevant nerfs! Dr. Mundo lost a bit of health regen, but that’s it – it doesn’t change anything about the champion’s strength and he’s still an absolute machine in his lane.

Farming from range is an easy feat for him and poking the enemy champion is also an option. Thanks to his insanely strong second ability he may also heal close to 50% of all the damage he has taken during its active time. Íf he slaps a spirit visage on top of that, he becomes quite beefy. The weird thing about Mundo is his ability to gain crazy amounts of AD though. players will see him build only tank items and he’s still able to get up to like 400 AD with those items. Why? He gets AD from his third ability AND converts bonus health into bonus AD with his ultimate ability.
So any melee champion out there – be careful when trying to face him.
If the champion is burst heavy he’s going to use his second ability to mitigate nearly half of that while he’s going to beat the enemy up with all the base damage and stats he has.
And all players should know what happens if a “tank” gets ahead. He’s going to run the enemy down regardless of what the champion is doing. 

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wild rift tier list
Rankings Courtesy of RiftGuides

What about a champion who was able to clear 4 camps without a leash before scuttle spawned. Yep – time to talk about Morgana. Unironically it was said that she wasn’t good or playable in the jungle.  This is really interesting because this champion can go anywhere else but support, which is her by far most useless role ever. 
She’s good in mid lane, jungle and as an APC in the dragon lane – forget about using her as a support, that’s literally a waste of her power and purpose. 

But what makes her so strong in those lanes? She can completely play in a non interactive way and just permanently shove waves. That way she’s able to acquire vision for free while removing the risk of dying to ganks. The range on her second ability is absurd, including its hitbox. But here’s something else that almost no Morgana player knows about.
Regardless of what spell of is dealing damage to champions, large monsters or cannons the champion is always getting a cooldown reset on her second ability. The same applies to Morgana’s ultimate initial cast and second trigger. So rather than saving her second ability for better days, just use it right into the middle of the fight before going into 5 people to cast her ultimate ability. It’s quite the nice bonus.


As for jungle all players have to know for Morgana is how to properly multi-camp. Doing so will greatly increase her clearing efficiency. Thanks to the buffs players will now have plenty of time after finishing their four camp clear to watch an episode of their favorite TV series before the scuttler spawns. Another thing is her insane pace throughout the game. Take her strength from laning and combine it with jungling – which means her can speed clear and shove in waves super fast at the same time. This makes diving super easy as the enemy has less time to react. For runes use Electrocute or Phaserush, brutal, hunter titan and hunter genius or mastermind! 


Wild Rift Tier List
Rankings Courtesy of RiftGuides

Here is another known criminal who has yet again avoided any punishment in the form of relevant nerfs. Zed is just an abomination in terms of damage output and mobility alike.
Being forced to face him in a sidelane is absolute terror. The only way of getting him killed usually entails participation of a lot of team members and even then it’s not guaranteed that players will get him OR that they won’t lose a member in the process of trying to. 

He is also part of the champions that can be beaten up brutally level 1 to 4. But even when Zed’s score is  0 1 or 0 2, the assassin will still one shot with his ultimate ability. 

The only way of avoiding that kinda death is not facing him head-on or running summoner spells such as exhaust. However, the moment Zed’s lane opponent messes up once, he can easily capitalize on the opportunity.
Once that happens, their entire team is going to face some serious issues as the Zed is now able to constantly run to a sidelane and collect a kill with each ultimate cooldown. 

However there is one thing players have to keep in mind when playing Zed: before going in check the enemy items for a stasis enchant – Zed can easily bait it, and isn’t forced to commit more than just his ultimate in most situations. This way, Zed can preserve other cooldowns and maybe one shot them after their stasis ends.

For laning though, when playing Zed, keep it slow and controlled early on. The champion isn’t the strongest during that time period so wait for his time to shine. Usually, this happens once Zed gains access to all his basic abilities.
If that still wasn’t enough – the previous segment about how broken Zed’s ultimate ability is in combination with his basic abilities still applies. Therefore, just play slowly towards that power spike.


For runes go either Electrocute or Conqueror, Brutal or Weakness, Hunter Titan and Sweet Tooth or Hunter Genius.


Rankings Courtesy of RiftGuides

Attack damage carries… Nah, play the better version of those, such as the mages and the mage-like ADCs such as Varus and Corki. But in this case for this tier list, Orianna is the uncontested pick of the patch. Her power throughout the game is absurd and her consistent damage output annoying to deal with.
The only way of really punishing that champion is to abuse her relatively weak laning phase before she’s able to get her lost chapter.
Once she has that item it’s most likely game over.
But what makes her so strong and annoying to deal with? Enemies can’t reach her unless they really commit everything they have. And even then, what stops her from replying in the same fashion?

Who said that the champion is just able to get on top of her without being bullied before. Spamming her spells into the enemy’s face will chip away HP and there’s just nothing they enemy can do. Especially if she rushes archangel’s staff which guarantees that she has infinite mana. Compared to the midlane Orianna, where she would rush archangel’s staff as fast as possible and afterwards bumrush either a rabadon’s deathcap or a voidstaff. 


The champion is going to deal some serious damage with this. For runes go Conqueror, Brutal, Hunter Titan and Sweet Fruit or Hunter Genius. Cooldown reduction can be kinda cool and the extra gold from Sweet Tooth isn’t required. Another thing that a lot of people disregard is the difference between interactive and non-interactive laners.
A wave-fixer can ignore the attractive benefits of Sweet Tooth and go for a better scaling alternative in the form of hunter genius!  


Rankings Courtesy of RiftGuides

Last but not least comes the support role and here is the biggest playmaker in the game: Thresh the chain warden.

This fellow loves whipping his opposition into submission as his level power is insane.
To show off true class on this champion can almost always abuse the typical lane cheese. Don’t leash for the jungler and make sure the champion is able to enter the furthest away brush from the tower in lane. Then all Thresh has to do is sit there and wait with his adc until the enemy laners come. Once they’re close enough the champion is going to hit them with an empowered auto attack thanks to his third ability alongside the active. 

The bonus damage and slow will put them in a really rough spot and it’s very likely that they’re forced to use a summoner spell almost immediately. Once done this it’s time to put on some more pressure. With the established HP lead, threaten the enemy constantly. They’re not allowed to get anything for free.
Another thing to keep in mind are resetting for lane. Whenever going to base never just walk straight back. Instead, look at the map and assess the situation properly – while doing so path towards the mid lane. Due to the midlane’s central location, Thresh can move to any play around the map without losing too much time.
It’s literally that easy. And here’s another tip for Thresh. Before going for inconsistent hook plays – just flash flay and force the enemy to react. After they do that the champion is almost guaranteed an absolute free hit with his first ability. Keep it easy and keep it clean. 


For runes, take Aftershock, Weakness, Hunter Titan or Adaptive Carapace and Pathfinder or Hunter Genius.
If Thresh got adaptive AD per default, taking Brutal would be the move. But sadly he gets AP without any bonus AD from items.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, this Wild Rift tier list helps organize the overall meta effectively. But keep in mind, every champion is viable in their own regard. Some simply provide more visible and abusable strengths than others, thereby their higher ranking in the list. As with any Wild Rift Tier List, treat this more as an opinionated ranking than a definitive hierarchy targeted towards a specific type of play. Of course, the informant ranking the picks is challenger so there’s definitely some credentials behind the opinions.

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