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Wild Rift

Wild Rift Patch 2.6a Tier List: Low Elo

Wild Rift Patch 2.6a Tier List

Throughout the creation of this list, analysts identified a certain issue that came to mind: enforcing hard to play picks onto players in the lower elos is something that makes life harder for them. Therefore, the priority of this list is to rank easy to play champions who are also quite good, rather high. Compared to that, this particular tier list ranks the harder to play champions – even if they are technically 10 times stronger – lower. To help players understand which champions dominate and which fall off, here is a Wild Rift Tier Patch 2.6a Tier List.

The goal with that is to help less skilled players improve and grow slowly accustomed to ranked as well as providing the best champions for that specific reason. 

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The information was provided by Kerxx and Vindey of RiftGuides. Special thanks for their help.

Be sure to check out their channel by clicking the link below for a video version of the guide. 

Baron Lane

Wild Rift Patch 2.6a Tier List

Rankings Courtesy of RiftGuides


In this lane, Garen is probably the most relaxing and easy champion any beginner can ask for. He’s easy to pilot and very forgiving when it comes to mistakes. Contrary to other bruisers, Garen doesn’t focus on itemizing damage, he rather wants to become as tanky as possible. That way he can abuse his high base stats while soaking a lot of damage at the same time. 

But now getting into to how Garen works as a champion.

In lane, he wants to play around grasp of the undying rune as possible. Whenever it’s up to him, he wants to move towards the enemy champion and ideally get in an auto attack in combination with his first ability. After that, Garen can spin around with his third ability for some extra damage while mitigating incoming damage with his second ability.

The following point is very vital in order to win a lot of trades: identify what the enemy champion can and wants to do. Once properly analyzed, use Garen’s second ability in the best way possible. 

Another thing to be aware of is his ultimate ability. Especially if when running ignite, Garen’s ability to kill enemies is really high, even though he’s technically kind of a tank. Hitting someone on 50% with his first ability, an ignite and ultimate ability almost always guarantees the kill.

As the game goes on, attempt to grow into the role as a champion. Most of the time Garen will rush into the enemy backline to beat up the enemy AD carry who will face serious issues trying to kill him. Garen’s HP bar and tankiness are just too much for an ordinary adc to deal with and therefore it’s most of the time a one-sided fight in his favour. 


Wild Rift Patch 2.6a Tier List
Rankings Courtesy of RiftGuides

Next up comes the jungle role, with Evelynn in the spotlight.

This champion is also known as the demon of soloq and she haunts every player – be it casual, elite or pro player. The issue with this champion isn’t that she’s inherently broken in a sense of dealing too much damage. No – the problem with her as a champion comes from her passive ability which lets her enter camouflage after hitting level 5.

Some might think that this isn’t that big of a deal, but putting that into a Wild Rift context, players will quickly realize the problem. Whenever players in Wild Rift don’t see something it usually means that it doesn’t exist. How else would players explain people dying to the most obvious things in the game – even when pinged out. They don’t care – nor are they aware of what could potentially happen to them. 

So many times an enemy jungler leaves a lane just to hide in the fog of war for just a few seconds. Those few seconds are usually enough to convince the laner that entering a fight is a pretty good idea even though he can’t be sure that it’s a 1v1. In a situation like this, obviously the laner dies. 

Play with the enemy’s lack of awareness and abuse their mistakes on cooldown. All Evelyn has to do for that is power farming to level 5 as fast as possible, which is quite the easy feat on the champion. Then proceed to farm some clueless laners!

Mid Lane

Rankings Courtesy of RiftGuides

With the jungle done, moving over to midlane with Morgana. This new addition to the game is super easy to play and always annoying to face. She can clear the first minion wave by 26 seconds and is free to move anywhere she pleases. Therefore leashing the enemy raptors to disrupt the enemy’s jungle pathing is quite easy while also being able to pop the scrying orb and get down some vision.

Even if Morgana just sits back and spams her second ability into the wave on cooldown, she’s still doing a good job of keeping the enemy occupied. To make sure that Morgana players are doing it right, here are a few guidelines. On level 1 upgrade her second ability. On level 2, level Morgana’s first and on level 3, her 2nd ability again. She doesn’t really want the spell shield unless she REALLY needs it. Morgana will happier with the additional push power. And this is how she pushes correctly:

Make sure that her second ability hits both the CASTER and MELEE minions at the same time. When there’s a cannon minion in place it’s REALLY important that this minion is tagged by that spell as well. That way her second ability’s cooldown is reduced by quite a lot. 

And please be mindful of Morgana’s manapool – don’t spam her first ability while hoping to hit it. Manage her mana and focus on pushing the wave – anything else comes after. 


Rankings Courtesy of RiftGuides
Miss Fortune

Next up is Miss Fortune. She is also an easy to play champion that is quite annoying in terms of laning. Her first ability bounces in mysterious ways and will always hit even if the angle is literally impossible. And exactly that makes her such a nice champion for beginners. She’s also a different kind of ADC – she doesn’t always need to get herself into the fight to deal damage. Thanks to her ultimate ability she has quite the range to impact fights from relative safety.

Another thing players should also take into consideration is her bonus movement speed. With that she can travel the map quite fast without losing too much time which is something very important if when considering the amount of fights that happen throughout games. Sometimes the bounce range of her first ability is so massive that she can’t even see it on her screen. So whenever facing enemies that play with locked cam, MF is going to have an easy time. Just keep on spamming that first ability and their HP bars will slowly but surely fade.


Wild Rift Patch 2.6a Tier List
Rankings Courtesy of RiftGuides

Last but not least is the support role, with something a bit exotic. Rather than featuring typical enchanter or tank supports, this list is featuring a mage. 

It sounds quite weird and a lot of people are going to hate this – but – if for those wanting to climb as a support, they have to either impact the map OR kill their lane opponent over and over again. And what champion could be better than this than Brand. His range and damage in lane are quite annoying and even if you get him killed, he’s probably going to take you down with him.

All he has to do for that is spam all his abilities into your team and it’s very likely that his team is going to win the fight. He just deals that much damage. In lane he should fish for hits with his second ability. It’s easy to hit and deals a lot of extra damage. If that wasn’t enough starting level 2 he’s going to put his enemies through quite the misery. On level 3, though his lane opponents are up for some REAL trouble. Being tagged by his spells and hit by a full combo featuring ignite is going to spell their demise. 

In Conclusion

Though 2.6a wasn’t all that big of an update, the patch shifted the meta game every so slightly. Hopefully, this Wild Rift Patch 2.6a Tier List helps organize the overall meta effectively. But keep in mind, the priority of this list is to rank easy to play champions who are also quite good, rather high. Compared to that, this particular tier list ranks the harder to play champions – even if they are technically 10 times stronger – lower.

As with any Wild Rift Tier List, treat this more as an opinionated ranking than a definitive hierarchy targeted towards a specific type of play. Of course, the informant ranking the picks is challenger so there’s definitely some credentials behind the opinions.

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