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Wild Rift

Wild Rift Patch 2.6 Tier List: Low Elo

Wild Rift Patch 2.6 Tier List

Wild Rift patch 2.6 drastically shifted the meta of the game. To help players understand which champions dominate and which fall off, here is a Wild Rift Tier Patch 2.6 Tier List ranking the best and worst picks for each role. When considering the hierarchy of champions, this specific tier caters towards the more casual level of play. In essence, this Wild Rift Patch 2.6 Tier List is for the low elo. The visuals provide the comprehensive list, with one noteworthy pick for each role explained thereafter.

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The information was provided by Kerxx and Vindey of RiftGuides. Special thanks for their help.

Be sure to check out their channel by clicking the link below for a video version of the guide. 

Baron Lane

Wild Rift Patch 2.6 Tier List

Rankings Courtesy of RiftGuides


As per usual, the list starts with the baron lane, with Renekton in the S tier. This lovely crocodile is not only strong but also insanely easy to play. During the laning phase, he is an obnoxious bully that literally munches up his opponent with his strong jaws – at least from level 2 onwards.

On level 1 the crocodile is probably the most vulnerable when it comes to laning, but after hitting level 2 and finally 3 things are changing rather fast. 

Pay close attention to the fury bar and look for trades and include his empowered second ability. Renekton’s typical pattern is oppressive, fast and unfair at the same time – make good use of it.


Wild Rift Patch 2.6 Tier List
Rankings Courtesy of RiftGuides
Nunu & Willump

For the jungle role, the first pick up is an easy to execute champion that EVERYBODY hates playing against:  in the A tier.

This champion is more than just infamous for his never-ending barrage of ganks and annoyances. If that wasn’t bad enough already he’s also becomes super tanky over the course of the game. Therefore, it becomes quite hard to kill him.

In addition to that it’s also quite hard to avoid his ganks, especially for those unfamiliar with the way he steers the snowball. For some practice and overall knowledge, hop into the practice tool. Once players understand how to drive, Abuse the Nunu while and avoiding the pick when playing against him. Best of both worlds. 

Mid Lane

Rankings Courtesy of RiftGuides

This champion is very intuitive to play and will almost always provide an insane value for the team. His laning phase is quite annoying to play against as he has decent range and crazy poke at his disposal. You also have to be very careful when he’s running electrocute.

If he tags enemies with his stun and gets off a full combo, the enemy is in a very dire spot. Those hit by his full combo easily lose more than 50% of their max HP level 3. And if that happens while Brand has items, the target will die 100 to 0.

Of course, when playing Brand, players will have a great time as the game goes on. After the laning phase, his goal is to stay around mid lane as much as possible or group up with the team. Once he reaches the mid game, keep in mind the most important parts of Brand: Knowing when to throw his ultimate ability and how to sequence his spells. 

Opening up a fight with Brand’s ultimate ability only makes sense if he’s able to hit more than one enemy champion with it. As Brand, prioritize hitting the most targets possible.

After the enemy champions are ablaze, Brand can reap the benefits of his empowered abilities. Be it a stun, increased damage or increased range – it’s up to the player how they can utilize those to achieve the best results.

Duo Lane

Wild Rift Patch 2.6 Tier List
Rankings Courtesy of RiftGuides


For the ADC role, here is a classic pick that will always be the demon of lower elos: Jinx. Her easy to play kit and her resetting nature allow her to take over games after getting a single kill. To add insult to injury, her insane range also makes up for mechanical mistakes and allows her to safely influence the fight from a massive distance. Combining her rockets with a runaan’s hurricane increases her damage by quite a lot again and give her even more power when it comes to carrying games. 


Rankings Courtesy of RiftGuides

For the support role, Sona is the higlighted pick for the patch. She is a champion that scales heavily into the later stages of the game.  Although she might be very fragile in terms of survivability,  that isn’t the biggest of problems considering that most will not playing against the very top of the ladder.

Enemies will not understand what to do against Sona, since she can safely heal her allies from distance. The only thing players need for that is enough mana, so don’t shy away from buying an archangel’s staff on Sona, even when playing support. After that, spam her spells to the heart’s content and enjoy the victory.

In Conclusion

A lot has changed since the release of Patch 2.6. Hopefully, this Wild Rift tier list helps organize the overall meta effectively. But keep in mind, every champion is viable in their own regard. Some simply provide more visible and abusable strengths than others, thereby their higher ranking in the list. As with any Wild Rift Tier List, treat this more as an opinionated ranking than a definitive hierarchy targeted towards a specific type of play. Of course, the informant ranking the picks is challenger so there’s definitely some credentials behind the opinions.

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