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Wild Rift

Wild Rift Patch 2.6 High Elo Tier List

Wild Rift Tier List

Wild Rift patch 2.6 drastically shifted the meta of the game. To help players understand which champions dominate and which fall off, here is a Wild Rift Tier List ranking the best and worst picks for each role. When considering the hierarchy of champions, this specific tier list assumes those utilizing the champions understand how to play them. In essence, this Wild Rift Tier List is for the high elo. The visuals provide the comprehensive list, with one noteworthy pick for each role explained thereafter.

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The information was provided by Kerxx and Vindey of RiftGuides. Special thanks for their help.

Be sure to check out their channel by clicking the link below for a video version of the guide. 

Baron Lane

Wild Rift Tier List

Rankings Courtesy of RiftGuides


For the baron lane, Kayle is the pick of the patch. This champion is straight up not balanced and needs some fine-tuning ASAP. In fact, she was bugged shortly after her release. The waves of her auto attacks after hitting level 10 had some unique glitched interaction with Ruunan’s hurricane and caused its bolts to deal roughly 4 times the intended damage.

Up until Riot decided to disable the item for her in order to fix the bug.

Sadly enough that was quite the hit towards Kayle’s strength, but she’s still quite viable. In fact, she’s probably the best character in the late game thanks to her kit. Imagine turning a hyper carry boasting invulnerability to survive literally any onslaught. 

Click here for a video guide of Kayle and here for a written guide.


Wild Rift Tier List
Rankings Courtesy of RiftGuides

Next up for the jungle role comes Morgana. This champion can do something most other champions cannot mirror: clear four camps without a leash in under 1 minute and 25 seconds. Which means Morgana acquires level 4 before getting to the scuttle crab.

But what does this exactly mean for the champion’s relative power compared to others?

Every level up grants stats which usually requires items bought with gold. Be it armor, HP, Attack damage  or something like magic resistance. Assume a champion gains 75 health for a level – what items comes to mind that grants 150 Health and how much does it cost? It’s a ruby crystal for 500 gold. Just by leveling up Morgana gains HP with the value of 250 gold, but that doesn’t stop there. The other stats increase as well, making for insane value. Base stats matter matter more than most would think. But what makes Morgana a strong and viable champion in the jungle apart from her clear?

For one the fact that she’s ranged can help a lot – attacking the enemy with red buff in the early game as a ranged character is really fair. Not only that she also have the tools to lock down and capitalize on the fact that she’s constantly slowing champions with red buff. Another nice thing is that she’s also able to help the laners push very quickly depending on the situation. Nonetheless be careful when playing her. Place down early vision and especially transitioning towards a gromp and blue multi camp clear. 

Check out RiftGuides’ video guide on Morgana here

Mid Lane

Wild Rift patch 2.6 Tier List
Rankings Courtesy of RiftGuides

What makes Zed so strong? After all, his laning phase is rather weak before learning his ultimate, so what’s his deal?

Fortunately enough he’s able to CS safely from range and can also escape danger with his second ability. However this won’t be enough when constantly destroying getting pushed in. To be efficient with this champion, keep the wave as close to their turret as possible – at least for the laning phase. Doing so allows Zed to safely accumulate gold without becoming exposed to risk. However the Zed hits level 5, everything changes.

Even the most gruesome matchup is winnable with ease. Every enemy champion that used to bully Zed now constantly fear for their lives. They cannot approach Zed in the same manner as they before. If they do, Zed can simply spam all his spells, including ult, they’ll almost guarantee die after Zed’s ultimate pops. There are also a few things players need to think about when playing Zed.

The champion loves to sidelane. He beats almost all other champions and can easily escape from any encounter. Also something to consider is the concept of fake-roaming and roaming in general. Staying mid lane is nice and all but since Zed is part of the class of assassins protecting, the tier 1 mid tower isn’t Zed’s most desired method of play.

Look for proactive plays on other lanes and exert pressure.

Duo Lane

Wild Rift Tier List
Rankings Courtesy of RiftGuides

Time for some sad news for the ad carries. Mages have overtaken the dragon lane.

They are easy to play and always bring value to a fight – even for those who struggle with mechanics. On top of that, they’re also insanely strong against most of the normal ADCs due to their ability to nullify lane. All they have to do to achieve that is survive until their very first back.

Once they’ve purchased their first component – most of the time lost chapter – they’re more than strong enough to deal with everything that’s about to come. Therefore look for a quick reset relatively early – otherwise mage duo laners end up starving from being able to capitalize on a lot of opportunities.
However, when performed correctly, there’s not much that can the enemy can do to stop a mage duo laner. In addition, the typical support difference doesn’t matter as much. The support may wander off to any place they desire because Mage Duo Laners have something that most ADC yearn for: good waveclear. 


Wild Rift patch 2.6 Tier List
Rankings Courtesy of RiftGuides

This champion is just busted when it comes to finding engages. He has an easy time closing any gap. While doing so, Rakan also dishes out quite the fat amount of damage. Especially when running electrocute, Rakan sometimes even straight up oneshots on squishy champions.

During laning phase, Rakan has to relax a little bit. He is a committal champion that is forced to expose his body to a lot of danger while going in. However he also has the tools to quickly get away from danger – if an ally is close enough. So unless playing Xayah Rakan, probably wait until level 2 before doing anything too fancy.

After that Rakan is free to do whatever he wants. Once he hits level 5, it’s game time. Tagging the enemy with Rakan’s ultimate ability is going to guarantee the grand entrance’s hit. Which means, the enemy champion is probably going to disappear rather soon. 

In Conclusion

A lot has changed since the release of Patch 2.6. Hopefully, this Wild Rift tier list helps organize the overall meta effectively. But keep in mind, every champion is viable in their own regard. Some simply provide more visible and abusable strengths than others, thereby their higher ranking in the list. As with any Wild Rift Tier List, treat this more as an opinionated ranking than a definitive hierarchy targeted towards a specific type of play. Of course, the informant ranking the picks is challenger so there’s definitely some credentials behind the opinions.

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