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Wild Rift Patch 2.4c Analysis

wild rift patch 2.4c

The newest patch 2.4C for Wild Rift is tiny. It is so small, that it seems Riot is treating the bi-weekly update as more of a hotfix rather than a real patch. Only really making changes to five champions, while updating a single item, 2.4C is one of the smallest patches to date. But regardless, here is an analysis all the nerfs and buffs that directly impact the meta of Wild Rift in patch 2.4C.

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Champion Changes


Patch 2.4c


Health: 570 HP → 610 HP

Ability Icon


Cooldown: 23/20/17/14s → 22/19/16/13s

Lucian was hit hard by nerfs in the previous patch. In light of the high noon skin releasing on Wild Rift, it would be impossible to sell the cosmetic with the state that Lucian is in. Therefore, Riot provided Lucian a tiny, practically fully placebo buff. A health upgrade will not aid in Lucian’s key goal of dealing damage, and a one second cooldown reduction on a 13 second ability will not increase his viability much at all. Do NOT be fooled by the buffs, Riot is simply trying to sell their skin.


wild rift patch 2.4c

Ability Icon


Damage: 105/150/195/240 → 110/140/170/200

Ability Icon


Passive damage Armor ratio: 10% → 8%

Active damage Armor ratio: 15% → 12%

Monster damage bonus: 150% → 175%

Now, here is a much deserved balance change. Rammus is incredibly powerful, often creating windows of little to no outplay potential when diving in head first into his enemies. Reducing Powerball’s damage decreases his burst damage potential, which was honestly absurdly high.  Lowering the scaling on Defensive Ball Curl slims down his damage over time. These nerfs are rather huge, and should now allow players to realistically fight back against the Armordillo, rather than resorting to avoiding the rolling monster.


wild rift patch 2.4c


Armor: 45 → 40

Attack Damage: 70 → 64

Despite nerfs in the past, Rengar has still been dominating the highest levels of play. In the hands of players that understand how to abuse his bush hopping mechanics and burst damage, the kitty cat assassin was too oppressive to play against. Decreases in his armor make him more vulnerable during trades, while lowering his attack damage directly impacts his viability. Because of the current meta being filled with squishies, do not expect these nerfs to push Rengar out of the meta. He will definitely be weaker, but should still remain a powerful champion in Patch 2.4C.


wild rift patch 2.4c

Ability Icon

  • Active damage: 40/80/120/160 → 40/75/110/145
  • Active AP ratio: 50% → 40%
  • Ally aura bonus damage AP ratio: 30% → 20%

Ability Icon


Cooldown: 90/75/50s → 100/80/60s

Honestly, these nerfs are baffling. Sona is NOT strong in the meta at the moment, and receiving two nerfs in a row does not make much sense. The changes to Hymn of Valor butchers her main damaging ability, while the nerfs to crescendo prevents Sona from accessing her only hard lock down as frequently. She was never a popular pick, and with these nerfs, Sona becomes obsolete. Avoid playing the musician, and play stronger enchanters such as Lulu and Nami instead.


wild rift patch 2.4c


Health regen: 7.5 → 6

Health per level: 115 HP → 105 HP

(Health at level 15: 2180 HP → 2040 HP)

Armor: 35 → 30

Armor per level: 4.3 → 3.9

(Armor at level 15: 96 → 85)

Teemo is a rather strong, yet underrated, pick that deserves these changes. Patch 2.4C prioritized nerfing his overall survivability. By chunking down his base health scaling alongside armor, Satan becomes far more vulnerable to the onslaught of the enemies. This is the perfect nerf to the annoying yordle, since players love to kill the blowgun wielding champion. But since his damage was left unchanged, expect to still be bursted down by his poisonous mushrooms.



Zeke’s Convergence

Total cost: 2800G → 2700G (Combine cost: 900G → 800G)

Frostfire Covenant slow: 40% → 50%

Frostfire Covenant magic damage per second: 40 → 60

The buffs to Zeke’s convergence are literally the only item changes in patch 2.4c. Decreasing the total cost, while increasing the slow and magic damage per second should grant tank supports a bit more relevance in the current meta. As a whole, enchanters seem to be performing better in the solo queue thanks to the direct buffs they provide their marksmen. By increasing the effects of Zeke’s, tank supports will now be able to contest the damage buffs in their own unique way.

In Conclusion

Patch 2.4C provided minor changes to eliminate some of the power in some of the top tier picks. Many overpowered champions were not touched. This patch update is likely the last one before patch 2.5 comes out. And with every main patch update in Wild Rift, expect it to be a big one.

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