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Wild Rift: Patch 2.3a

The patch 2.3a update brought about some much-needed balance changes to Wild Rift. To help simplify the information here is a quick rundown on the champion buffs and nerfs this week.


Minor nerf for Ahri this patch around. The fast fox is hard to catch and has sustain, but is this nerf really necessary? Sad news for Ahri players everywhere.

Base stats:

  • Base Armor: 35 → 30



Evelynn’s ability to steal objectives with her ultimate has been taken away. She will no longer flash into dragon pit and use smite and her ultimate to steal the dragon and get away. This is great news for every other jungler in the game.

(Ultimate) Last Caress

  • [NEW] 250% execute damage now only applies to champions



Janna has been a top pick as support, especially in the higher elos, this patch Riot decided to tone her down by nerfing her primary poke. She is still a highly versatile and crowd controlling champion. This nerf won’t take away from her kit, but its sad for dedicated full AP Janna players.

(Ability 2) Zephyr

  • Base Damage: 65/125/185/245 → 55/105/155/205



After weeks of dominating mid lane Katarina is finally being nerfed. This nerf is long over due because Katarina has been extremely powerful, ever since her release. The AP ratios on her passive will make her less of a headache early and late game. While, setting her ultimate to a set speed will make counter play easier and more consistent.

(Passive) Voracity

  • AP Ratio: 0.58 – 1.0 based on level → 0.48 – 0.9 based on level

(Ultimate) Death Lotus

  • [NEW] Now sets Katarina’s base movement speed to 125 when spinning instead of being treated as a slow that could be reduced by slow resistance



Its just about that time of year, the sun is bright in the sky. Maybe a little too bright. What is that sword? It is Leona bursting in with a minor buff that extends her stun range by .5. The paladin of the sun is always a strong pick, but mysteriously her abilities are being buffed by the sun itself this summer, as her brand new Pool Party Leona skin has been released along side this minor buff.

(Ability 3) Zenith Blade

  • Range: 7.5 → 8


This dancing monkey is trying to expand his reach outside of jungle. Riot decided that his baron lane sustain is not suitable for one of the only masters of the Wuju style.

(Ability 1) Crushing Blow

  • Healing when hitting minions: 50% → 80%


Xin Zhao

The solider of choice is not that strong at the moment and these buffs are definitely necessary. This won’t make Xin Zhao a must choose champion, but it does increase his tankiness in game.

Base Stats

  • Magic Resist: 30 → 38
  • Health Gained per Level-Up: 105 → 115
  • Health at Level 15: 2120 → 2260

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