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Wild Rift

Wild Rift: Pantheon Build and Runes

Wild Rift Pantheon Build

Pantheon has returned to the Rift again after his first release 11 years and 1 month ago February 2, 2010. His burst damage and mid-game scaling make him a perfect fit for any role. Pantheon is a bruiser that can focus on doing damage while tanking damage. Now that fans can play him they may be wondering, what is the Wild Rift build for Pantheon?

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Wild Rift Pantheon Build

Pantheon’s passive is Mortal Will. After collecting a maximum of 5 stacks Pantheon’s next basic ability is given an enhanced effect. Depending on the ability Mortal Will either gives increased damage or movement speed. Mortal Will primarily helps with poking, charging all 5 stacks is important to Pantheon’s kit.The spear that holds Pantheon’s kit together, Comet Spear, is his first ability. This executing ability does not only do massive damage, but also a tiny slow and execute to champs below 20% hp. Comet Spear needs less than half a second to charge to throw the spear at max range and to do maximum damage. With full Mortal Will stacks, Comet Spear does additional damage based on ad and level. This is ability is Pantheon’s primary poke, damage, and kill confirming capabilities.The leap of dominance that leaves every mage flashing, Shield Vault, Pantheon’s second ability. Shield Vault is a one-second stun that is point and click and guaranteed to hit. This makes Shield Vault the perfect engaging tool for any enemy caught out or for an easy setup for the rest of the team. An empowered Shield Vault with Mortal Will causes Pantheon to unleash a series of basic attacks all in a row. This ability is perfect for filling out the Conqueror’s rune, Electrocute, or Aftershock.

Pantheon stands his ground and fights with Aegis Assault, Pantheon’s 3rd ability. Aegis Assault temporarily makes Pantheon invulnerable against all but turret attacks where the shield is pointing. This ability makes Pantheon a viable support option, being able to tank any amount of damage. When enhanced with Mortal Will Pantheon gains a shield duration of 2.5 seconds and damage based on 167% AD scaling. Aegis Assault makes for a perfect disengage while protecting himself. Note this ability does not shield allies even though it looks like it should.Wild Rift Pantheon BuildDynamic entrance! Grand Starfall is one of the most flamboyant and fear creating ultimate abilities in the game. Pantheon dives across the map damaging everyone in a large area causing a decent amount of magic damage. The closer the enemies are the epicenter of the ultimate the more damage it deals. This ability is perfect for map coverage because of its wide range, and tower pressure for baron laners.

Abilities Upgrade Priority: 1 > 2 > 3 > 1 > ult > 1 > 3 > 3 > ult > 3 > 3 > 2 > ult > 2 > 2

Pantheon Runes and Items for Support Build

To keep the ADC protected Pantheon needs to be the main engager every time to absorb damage. Poking the enemy champs is crucial to having the ADC follow up because of the minor stun from Comet Spear. Using Aegis Assault while the enemy champs are using their strongest abilities will maximize how long Pantheon will be a useful support.

-Protector’s Vow(Ally armor +)

-Zeke’s Convergence(Ally damage +)


-Sunfire Cape(Armor + Burn damage)

-Spirit Visage(healing +)

-Thornmail(Armor +)

-Aftershock(burst of tank into burst of damage)

-Weakness(enemies take more damage)

-Loyalty(defense with ally up)

-Pack Hunter(speed up)

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